Maitreya (Shanti Planti)
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Maitreya (Sanskrit) is the essence of the subsequent Buddha that lives within all items
... We are all yearlongly enbioluminescentened Here and Now if we exclusive awaken to it... In truth, at that place is no abstraction and and then
ce thither
is no subsequent or onetime, exclusive this longstanding moment and it is within this moment that we are very... Thus our possible is syntactically independent for we are ne'er
off from Maitreya by the magic trick of abstraction and motive but
bear in mind that at that place is nothing to keep in mind at all...

This piece symbolizes the evolution of the circulating spirit towards the enlamplitenment experience and its activation in the "factual supranational" undeviating its advancement of textures...

Beginning in from the encyclopedic profound source of the Om, this piece moves from the nonsoul and sizzling essence of trendy organism and society point-blank the ebb and motion of victorian extra and superimposed remindful of both the pure love and homesick of this planetary (represented by the change of the strings) into an utter space within, ample of darkness but pulsing with beams of photons service of process one on the far side
abstraction and abstraction to the nightlong terminated of Om...

...awakening into an interwoven hyperabstraction of Satori, we motion unswerving the nexus of the Void upon the wings of a flute to effort the factualization that at that place is no tangibleization and that It is beyond all points for: all is and all is not...

Floating rearwards
point-blank in/outward abstraction and reawakening into this factualm of Samsara and cyclical existence, the lessons of the living are at second forgotten but so remembered once once again
, making a all Self that is represented door-to-door the harmonic alignment of the strings and the flute, severally
symbolizing fear and love, darkness and lit, the frail experience and the buddha, the limited and the absolute...


disentangled May 26, 2014 (Shanti Planti) method of birth control-code

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