Beamon - Tall Shadows (produced by Anubis)
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PRODUCED BY: @anubiiis
& piano compositions
by lucas king
SONG BY: @thebeamon

(beamon intro)
what you gone do next
everything is broken

(beamon first verse)
I could take em to the creek
I could show you that these fucking rappers ain't that nice
young beamon roll up fena flame they life
young beamon frozen where the angels at
young beamon show em where the angels at
bitch you don't want to see the pain come back
when I pull up I be full of destruction
you motherfuckers can't flow tough
bitch stick to the club
stick to the clubs bitch don't try to rap now
high school outcast hair down my back now
never was a beast with sports
but sit back let the beast record
no peace restored
roam while I reach for swords
flow like easter morning
tasting water out a fucking drinking gourd bitch
tasting water I'm rawer, my shadow by the lake at night
my limbs break them, hair longer, I put them in they grave tonight
put em in they grave pink bullet in my veins
rip it out and everything around me gets grey
get the fuck from round me all these bodies are the same
beamon ain't you lames
sleeping in a cave
creeping where it's strange, damn

(beamon hook)
ever since high school god damn I got the winter
I see em try music then they dying by december
I feel my eyes change beamon let the monster rip them
I think they all lame leave em lost like my father
now it's just me young beam god of winter
I flow like the creek, stand and watch the water fill up
pink bullets shooting looking like a clefairy

(beamon second verse)
man them pink bullets shooting
turn these lames to a fairy
man we never been some thugs
we stay in cemeteries
no I never been a thug beamon roll up
ghosts on his mind again
summer turn to ice, run away
winter make him shine again
rappers talking they suck at rapping
swing they won't rhyme again
I been dreaming, midwest forever, beamon make clouds cry
I been dying, midwest been frozen, I seen a devil cry
stepping out the cave dante
when he load samus
bet he keeping all the anger on him, ohh
stress all on my face
hating what they make
only way to maintain
keep a angel on me, on me, ohh

(beamon bridge)
keep a angel on me
long sleeves dangle on me
say my name but they don't know me
while I'm lonely I be flowing
bitch I'm standing like a oak tree
look like ludacris in 03 (oh three)
bitch quit rapping this is for me
looking like the ice emoji
feel like
I am lost

(beamon ending bridge/thoughts)
everything got clearer when that rain fell
clearer when that rain fell
everything got clearer when that rain fell
smoke and mirrors
now I finally see who I became well
blades cut his mind up
he grew his hair longer
what you do at night
when them tall shadows surround you
what you do at night
when you lost, the evil found you
what you do at night
when them tall shadows is on you
what you do at night
when them tall shadows surround you
what I do at night
when them tall shadows is on me
and them tall shadows is on me
I say them tall shadows on me

Licence : All Rights Reserved