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  • Right tricks or trick right?
    Right tricks or trick right? November 22, 2012. I, Vladimir Silin, visit prosecutor Khabarovsk. I brought the complaint, which reported on the illegal actions of the administration of Khabarovsk. I also want to know the number assigned to the prosecution of complaints directed to the prosecutor of the Khabarovsk Krai Khabarovsk city. I think - it's illegal direction of my complaints, you can not send the complaint to on whom to complain, and whose actions are illegal. Earlier I wrote a response to two complaints from the prosecution of Khabarovsk. The prosecutor's office refused to stamp my prosecutors Khabarovsk on my second copy of the complaint (my archive), and specify the number of my complaints, the number of sheets in the complaint, the date of reception of my complaints. It is illegal, as I was later to prove in court that I file a complaint? No numbers, no date, not the number of sheets in a complaint that was - no complaints. Secretary will write numbers and dates on a small piece of paper, sign your name and position does not specify. Russia will be great? 22 ноября 2012. Я, Силин Владимир, посещаю прокуратуру города Хабаровск. Я принес жалобу, в которой сообщаю о незаконных действиях администрации города Хабаровска. Также я хочу узнать присвоенные номера жалоб направленных из прокуратуры Хабаровского края в прокуратуру города Хабаровска. Я считаю - это незаконное направление моих жалоб, нельзя отправлять жалобы тому, на кого писал жалобу, и чьи действия считаешь незаконными. Ранее я написал две жалобы на ответ из прокуратуры города Хабаровска. В прокуратуре мне отказывают поставить штампы прокуратуры Хабаровска на моих вторых экземплярах жалоб (мой архив), и указать номера моих жалоб, количества листов в жалобах, дату приема моих жалоб. Это незаконно, как мне потом в суде доказать что я подал жалобы? Нет номера, нет даты, не указано количество листов в жалобе которую приняли - нет жалобы. Секретарь делает записи номеров и дат на маленьком куске бумаги, свою подпись и должность не указывает. Россия будет великой?
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  • Brick to the head
    Brick to the head Militant "Orthodox Christian" in Khabarovsk, said to me: "You need to hit a brick on the head." In the photo, this "Christian" first on the left. He is about 55 years. My meeting in November 2012, with the militant Orthodox from Khabarovsk, and his traveling companion, close to the central Lenin Square in Khabarovsk. Topic of conversation: the Archbishop of Vyatka and Sloboda Marche, and the former abbot of Vyatka Assumption Cathedral - Peter Shake (Peter Schuck), who hanged himself after the transfer of Archbishop Mark of the Vyatka diocese Khabarovsk. Reference: Reference: http://www.portal-credo.ru/site/?act=news&id=84789 MEDIA MONITORING: Mortal Sin and Bishop Mark. Why Khabarovsk Orthodox Vyatka sympathize? In the city of Kirov (former name - Vyatka) June 7, 2011 tragically died father Peter Schuck, who two months ago was the rector of the largest in the Vyatka Assumption Cathedral Trifonov monastery. The media reported: "the body of Father Peter with a noose around his neck found at 8:00 am in the basement of the house where the priest lived with his family - he had a wife and two sons, who are now serving in the army." Not by chance, in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" ("MK") publication of the incident began with the words: "This in the modern history of the Russian Orthodox Church was not yet." This newspaper has also taken the liberty to announce the first possible reasons for the unprecedented suicide: "Parishioners at local Internet forums agree: a great sin sodeyanom priest led the resignation, which sent Peter newly Vyatka and Sloboda Archbishop Mark." True, it is noted that the new manager of the Vyatka diocese, Archbishop Mark (Alex Tuzhikov), who arrived from Khabarovsk diocese, began to dismiss and other local priests. Moreover, the very best. As proof quoted one of the parishioners father Peter, "We all are shocked with the arrival of the new lord of Mark. He's fired the best and trusted priests publicly slandered them, fired respected elders and deacons of many, forbidding travel to other areas under pain of removal san. "
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  • How fake criminal cases Investigators attempt economic crimes department of the Kirov Department of the Interior of Khabarovsk fabricate a criminal case in June 2008.
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  • Treatment procedure Treatment procedure for taking the administration of the Khabarovsk
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