Merasalaayiten | ARR | Venkat (Male cover)
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Mersalaayiten from "AI", sung by me!!A contrast genre to my previous upload "Aye hairathe aashiqui" :) I have sung all the voice portions including the beginning portions of the song :D

Hope u all like my sincere attempt!!

For people who do not know the word Mersalaayiten :D It is a word used colloquially during normal conversations, that someone is shocked or stunned at something!!:) A colloquial word!! In this song hero is "mersal-ed" looking at the heroine! :P

Adi, amazing mix for this song :) loving it. Thanks da!

Lyric translation for non tamil speakers:

Male : Oh yeah
motha thabha parthen unna pejaar aayi poyi ninnen ninnen
--When I saw u first time, I stood upside down
Kishnail ootthaama pattha vechiyae Kozath thanni ennai naa mersa laayitten
--Without pouring kerosene u burnt me ! I am just a tap water!
Mersa laayitten mersa laayitten mersa laayitten mersa laayitten
Shocked or stunned

Male : Naa mersa laayitten mersa laayitten
--I got shocked/stunned
mersa laayitten mersa laayitten mersa laayitten
--I got shocked/stunned

Charanam 1 :

Male : Yei dosai kallu mel vellai omelet -ah, Oru kutti nila nenjuk kulla kunthi kittaa lae
--A small moon sat in my heart like a small omlet on a dosa(South indian dish :P) pan! :D

Vaana villu nee binny millu naan Ennai yezhu color lungi yaaga madichu puttaa lae
--You are rainbow, I am textile factory, you folded me as a colorful lungi (A dress worn at home in tamilnadu like dhoti but colored one)

Male : Maattu kombu mela ava pattaam poochi pola Naa mersa laayitten naa mersa laayitten naa mersa laayitten
---Like a butterfly sitting on top of a cow's horn, I got shocked/stunned

Charanam 2 :

Male : Yei theanga paththai pol vellai pallaa lae Oru manga patthai pola ennai mennu thinnaa lae
--Using her teeth resembling a white coconut piece, she chewed me like a mango piece!
maanjaa kannaa lae ennai aruthu puttaa lae Naan current -u kambi kaatthaadi ya matti kittae nae
--With her eyes as sharp as a manja(A chemical stuff mixed with glass, used to make the thread used for kite sharper), she cut my heart! I got caught to the electric post like a kite

Male : Nee vennila mootta iva vannaara pettai
--You are a sack of vannilla this guy is a local guy from an area called vannara pettai :D !!

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