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  • The Liberty Hour - with Dr Alan Sabrosky; Mark Glenn Mark Glen interviews Dr. Alan Sabrosky; with Phil Tourney Dr. Alan Sabrosky, who is part Jewish and who was the director of studies for 5 1/2 years at the U.S. Army War College, talks about how Jews are not loyal to the U.S. and how they (Israel) perpetrated 9/11.
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  • Law book story A short radio piece by Karen Brown of New England Public Radio relating to the destruction of the law books. She briefly interviewed Lisa Hoag. This aired in early June of 2017 (not sure of the exact date[s]).
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  • Truth-Jihad-32k-101212 Vincent Gillespie, Secretary-Treasurer of the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund is interviewed by Kevin Barrett on his Truth Jihad radio show on 10/12/12
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  • Vincent on the Bill Newman show - WHMP - july 14, 2014 The pertinent discussion starts at 2;17. Vincent Gillespie urges listeners to contact their state legislators to help get H1590 passed. He also discusses his case and why the law relating to parking ticket appeals in Massachusetts needs to be changed. He also discusses serious problems in the SJC's decision in his case.
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  • Vincent interviewed on WHMP on 7-18-12 (main interview starts at 4:30) (Interview starts at 4:30) Topics include a discussion of some of the major flaws in the Supreme Judicial Court’s 7/14/11 decision in this case (relating to parking ticket appeals in Massachusetts), some of the dangerous implications of the legal precedent set by this case for other areas of law besides parking ticket appeals, Vincent’s new article which criticizes the decision, efforts to get a bill passed in the Mass. State legislature to rectify the problem, and a call for citizens to help by calling, emailing or meeting with legislators.
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  • Vincent interviewed on 3-10-11 (main interview starts at 13:45) INTERVIEW STARTS AT 13:45. Vincent Gillespie and attorney Bill Newman are interview on 3/10/11 by radio personality Monte Belmonte on WHMP radio.
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