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    Our platform allows you to Upload Music and Audio Files for completely free. Just signup for a free account and you are ready to go!

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    It doesn't matter if your Audio or Music length is 2 minutes or 4 hours, we accept any Music and audio length!

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    We know it can be hard to believe but there is no limit on the amount of Music and Audio files you can upload to your account!

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    Embedable HTML5/Flash Hybrid music player- Embed your upload on any website, blog or social media profile with our sleek YourListen.com music and audio player

Who's using it?

  • kryoman


    YourListen.com has been my go to platform to upload my latest mixes and track releases. It has not only enabled me to connect further with my fans but also tap into an entirely new fan base through their community.

  • espnradio

    ESPN Radio

    Not everyone can tune into their radio when we broadcast live. So it makes YourListen.com the perfect on demand site for our listeners. Our listeners love the fact that if they miss a show when tuning in live or miss a segment they can hop right over to YourListen.com and stream the show on demand.

  • hiphop

    I Am Hip Hop

    I use YourListen because I can upload all the hottest new tracks without ever worrying about having to pay for storage, worrying about upload time limits or limits on the files size of my uploads. I have shared hundreds of tracks with my friends followers on YourListen and I can truly say that without YourListen I would not be able to introduce the hottest Hip Hop tracks to the world all for free.

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  • Embedable HTML5/Flash Hybrid music player- Embed your upload on any website, blog or social media profile with our sleek YourListen.com music and audio player
  • Fully customizable profiles
  • Slick cover art
  • Tour date, Merchandise and other valuable info you can link to your account for your follower and fans to see
  • Share tools- Once click social share tools to easily share your music and audio on all major social media sites
  • RSS Feed capability (Premium Account Required)
  • Link to all your social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram Plus much much more
  • Ability to easy sell your music and audio directly off of your profile
  • SEO Optimization- Get your upload ranked high with google search results
  • Private/Public account and upload option (Premium Account Required)
  • Email notification sent to followers when you upload new content
  • Email notification sent to you anytime someone likes, follows, download, comments or adds your music/audio to their playlist
  • Ability to pin your most important content to the top of your profile (Premium Account Required)
  • Email notification when your account reaches milestones

YourListen.com Uploading tips

  • Make sure your title is one that reflects your upload
  • Share share share and share!! We can't emphasize more that the key to attracting connecting to and growing your audience is by sharing your uploads and sharing them ALLOT! Sharing your music and audio on all your social media channels, email and blogs notifies your friends and followers of your upload and gets them involved
  • Your description of the upload should be very detailed but not too long. In a few sentences let your audience know what your upload is all about
  • Don't forget to input tags! Tens of thousands of music and audio searches are preformed daily on YourListen.com With tags that reflect your content you have a better chance of your music/audio being discovered through our search feature
  • Make sure you to upload cover art! Make your upload look eye catching and one that tells a story about your upload further than just the music itself
  • Enable your upload for download. Listeners love to be able to download music and audio so they can take it on the go and access it any time from their devices