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  • TOM PARTY feat JOE LEAVY -  PARTY PEOPLE ( Funk O Matic Orig
    TOM PARTY feat JOE LEAVY - PARTY PEOPLE ( Funk O Matic Orig ARTIST : TOM GLIDE FEAT JOE LEAVY TRACK : PARTY PEOPLE MIX : TOM GLIDE FUNK O MATIC ORIGINAL MAIN LABEL : TGEE RECORDS CATALOG NUMBER : AAA003 PUBLISHER : MIDDLE8 / JOE LEAVY CREATIONS DURATION : 05:43 AUTHOR : JOE LEAVY COMPOSER : TOM GLIDE ISRC : GBKQU1336287 EAN/UPC : 5052653937696 BIO : Following on from the huge success of 'Sweet Heaven' with the legendary Timmy Thomas that was released earlier this year, Tom Glide is now bringing us another assured hit with 'Party People', this time featuring the sublimely smooth vocals of Joe Leavy. From its opening sound of an up-for-it-crowd, together with the shout-out alerting you to the fact this is an elevatory track to ensure everyone is enthused with the groove, from the off you're hooked. And given the release date, as much as the tune is, so too is the timing impeccable. "I'm going back to my funky roots with this one." Tom says. Anyone familiar with his work, such as the highly acclaimed 2010 11-track smash ‘In the Name of Luv: Tom Glide and the Luv All Stars’, will know that funk and soul lies deep in his heart. Producer, composer, musician and singer (he’d taught himself to play guitar, drums, bass and keyboards by the age of 10), Tom Glide has become a name synonymous with masterful musicianship that, with one foot in the past and the other in the future, truly uplifts. And as we come to the close of 2013 and the festivities go into full swing, in time for those celebrations here with 'Party People' he thus brings us another instant classic. As mentioned, this time it is the joyfully rich vocals of Joe Leavy (both as lead and backing) that help bring all this to the fore. This follows up from his own album released earlier this year 'A Guy Named Joe Leavy', a collection of original songs bearing a distinct 80s groove about the depth, fulfilment (and indeed, the dedicated work required) that comes with true love. As he says: "I hope to create music that resonates in the hearts and minds of people decades from now." - clearly showing that both he and Tom Glide share the same ethos. As is usual with his releases, Tom has called upon the talents of some of the best remixers in the business to bring variations of 'Party People' to the fore. So along with the original radio release we have illuminating versions from consummate international players such as 12shades, Mike Maurro, MaxK and AnnieP and Blazing Encore, whom collectively carry an impressive back-catalogue of tunes.Plus stunning additional majestuous Keyboards from JD 73 himself as cherry on the cake. “We pray we’ve created music to uplift people; to bring people closer together.” Tom says. Whether 'Party People' is playing into your earphones and helping you have your own internal celebration, or if it is playing out loud to the crowd, this tune does exactly that. © Giles Addison
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