maa voollo
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a telugu song of yesteryear from AVE KALLU....the rough translation of the song goes like this:
Ma uullo oka paduchundi
there is an young lady in our town
deyyamante bhayamannadi
and she is afraid of evil spirits (the ghosts)
ma uullo oka paduchundi
deyyamante bhayamannadi
aavullo oka chinnodu
but an young lad in the same town
nenunna le padamannadu
said "dont worry I am here"
chemmachekka chemmachekka chemmachekka
hoi..mallemogga mallemogga mallemogga
hoi(chemma chekka)
hoi..bale bale bale bale balee..yyah(ma uullo)

Kanti meeda kunuku radu bava andi
oh my dear I don't get a sleep
kannu muusuko nannu taluchuko pilla annadu
close your eyes and think of me
hoi..laailalla laailalla lallalaa(2)
hoi lailalla
lailallalalla lallalallalaa..(kanti)
olammo gairammo cheekatlo chuusindedo
wow..the deity gowri...she might have seen someting in the dark
olammo gairammo
kevvantuu arichindayyo
and screamed
hatake hatake hatake
are..batake batake batake(hatake)

Burrupitta ahaa turrumante
ooho baboi andi
for a bird's sound of its wings
the lady screamed again in fear
attakodukuni aravabokule
pillaa annadu
and the young man said"Its me ...your maternal aunt's son" don't cry
hoi..lailalla lailalla lallalaa(2)
lailallalalla lallalallalaa..(burrupitta)(olammo)
(hatake)(ma uullo)
chemmachekka mallemogga(4)

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