Aashma Cha Hua Surya - B'day Tribute To Debabrata Biswas
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22.8.2015 (104 Birthday of Rabindra Sangeet Maestro Debabrata Biswas).

Till date the best selling and the most loved & sought after Rabindra Sangeet singer is singer Debabrata Biswas (born on 22.8.1911). Debabrata Biswas was a tragic hero amongst the Rabindra Sangeet performers. The RS establishment (organised by Rabindra Bharti) never endorsed his style. But he was/is hero in people's mind. He was very reluctant to accept any recognition out of self-esteem, though he was a very simple person in day-to-day life and spent his life in a single room flat where he taught RS to many future RS star singers.

Only Hemant Kumar was able to make him agree to take one felicitation only a few months before his death in 1980.

Original Debabrata singing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbxqMMPMZu8

Hindi lyrics:

ashman cha hua surya sitara
-------Sky is filled up with Sun & Stars
biswa bhara pran
-------World is full of life
iss ananta rahasya jaal mein
-------In this endless mystery of creation
mujhe milatha milatha mera sthan
-------I got my little exitance / place
bismay bodh jagta
-------Feel of wonder arises in mind
jagta mera gaan
-------My song arises
asman cha hua

Asim kaal samay bahte rahe
-------Eternal time is passing by
jowar bhata mein dolte rahe (dha-ni-sa-ni-dha-ni-dha-pa)
-------and swings like wakes & wane
nadi ke bich (mein) khun ki dhara mahsuj kiya taan
-------Pulse of my blood flow feels its rhythm
bishmay bodh jagta
-------Feel of wonder arises
jagta mera gaan
-------My song arises
asman cha hua

ghas ka upar pyaer dala tha
-------I put my feet on grass
ban ki raho mein chalte
-------while walking in forest path
phulon ki gandha mohit kiya
-------I was startled by the fragrance of flower
dil utha machalke
-------My heart rejoices
charo aur ananda ki dan
-------All around there is gift of joy
bishmay bodh jagta
jagta mera gaan

kaan se sun liya
-------I have heard
ankho se dekh liya
-------I have seen
dhara ka dil mein
-------In the heart of the creation
jaan dal diya
-------I have injected life
gyata ki bich mein agyata ki kiya anweshan
-------Indide known I searched for the unknown
bishmay bodh jagta
-------Feel of wonder arises
jagta mera gaan
-------My song arises
asman cha hua

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