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I am an amateur singer of mostly Kishore Kumar songs.

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  • Gram Chhara Oi Ranga Matir Path-Rabindra Sangeet By Susmita 7 th July, 2020 One Rabindra Sangeet this time by my elder sister Susmita Nundy with supporting lyrical meaning. Lyrics and tune by Rabindra Nath Tagore. By Hemant Kumar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNdbuaOQ3D0 Gram chhara oi ranga matir path [That red colored road passing across the village] Amar mon bhulae re [makes my heart wistful] ore kar pane mon haat bariye [To whome my mind has extended its hand] Lutiye jae dhulae re [and spreaded over the dust of road] o je amae gharer bahir kare [that road calls me out of my home] paye paye paye dhare [holds my leg] mori hay hay re [I die out of shyness] o je kere amay niye jae re [It leads me on I know not to what abandonment] jae re kon chulae re [to what sudden gain or surprises of distress.] o kon banke ki dhon dekhabe [I dont know what treasure it will show after the bending] kon khane ki dae thekabe [what responsibility it will pass on] kothae giye sesh mele je [where shall I meet the end] vebei na kulae re [cannot think anymore] MY KING'S road that lies still before my house makes my heart wistful. It stretches its beckoning hand towards me; its silence calls me out of my home; with dumb entreaties it kisses my feet at every step. It leads me on I know not to what abandonment, to what sudden gain or surprises of distress. I know not where its windings end- But my King's road that lies still before my house makes my heart wistful. - Translated by Rabindranath Tagore
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  • Mone Robe Ki Na Robe - Yaad Rahega Ya Nahi Rahega - Rabindra 13 June, 2020 This time I have recorded the original bangla version of this Rabindra sangeet and added the hindi version in later part for your convenience. Hope you will enjoy. Song : Yaad Rahega ya nehi rahega (Mone rabe kina rabe amare- Rabindra Sangeet) Chapter : Prem Taal : Kaharwa Raag : Khambaj Written on : 1927 Lyrics: Mone rabe ki na rabe amare Yaad rahega ya nahi rahega [Whether you will remember me or not] se amar mone nai mone nai Ye mera man mein nahi hai [That is not in my mind] khane khae asi tabe duare Har pal dil tumko dwar mein [Every moment my mind wonder in your doorstep] akarane gaan gai Akaran mein gungunaaaaye [Singing without any reason] ----------------------------------------- chole jai din jato khan aachhi Chale jae din chota hote hote [Days are passing by] pathe jete jodi asi kachhakachhi Raho mein kabhi tum karib aate [If I meet you ever in the life path] tomar o mukhe chokito sukher hasi dekhite je pai Tumhari honto jab pal ke liye, muskuraye [When your lips smiles for a moment] tai akarane gaan gai Dil akaran mein gungunaaaaye [My mind sings up without any reason] -------------------------------------------- Faguner phool jae jhariya Basant ka phool sukha ho jae [Flowers of spring becomes dry] faguner abasaan e Basanta ka abasan mein [When spring passes by] khoniker muthi dae bhoria Pal bhar ke liye gandha felaye [It spreads fragrance only for some moments] ar kichhu nahi jane Aur kuch nahi man mein [Nothing more in its mind] ------------------------------------------ phuraibe din alo habe kheen Dhal jae din, Alok hoga leen [As my days will end, Light will die down] gaan sara habe go ooo, theme jabe bin Gana khatam ho jayga, chup hoga bin [Singing will end, My Bina will stop] jta khan thaki bhore dibe naki Jitna din rahte, kiu na bhar lete pran [As long as we are here, Why don't we fill up heart] e khelar e bhela tai Sur ka murchhanaye [With the downpour of tune/music] tai akarane gaan gai yuhi akaaran mein gungunaaaaye [That's why My mind sings up without any reason] "Hemant Kumar original": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MrLjeJXK6g Another hindi version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpS33-kP4xQ
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  • Baiyan Na Dharo O Balma of Lata ji by Susmita Nundy sister June 2, 2020 Today a song sung by my sister. Let's see how she has performed. Song: Baiyan Na dhoro o balma Lyrics: Majhroo Sultanpuri orig Singer: Lata ji Music: Madan Mohan cover: Susmita Nundy
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  • Ami premer pother pothik (bangla) - Walker in the love lane
    Ami premer pother pothik (bangla) - Walker in the love lane 19th May, 2020 Last Sunday, when I was planning to sing this, suddenly it came in my mind to ask Naqvi Saab to sing a sample of the initial alaap with vibrato. He sent me a voice mail over WhatsApp and called me in voice chat. As I answered, "How are you Naqvi Saab?", the first thing that he said, thrilled me so much that a cold wave spread from my head to leg. He said,"Sandip, you know, it seemed to me that I am talking with Kishore Kumar, your talking voice is so much like Kishor Kumar's voice" and he continued to repeat this several times. This was a most valuable experience in my life that I would never forget and I regret that I did not record Naqvi Saab's conversation. This bengali song has the same tune as the hindi song "mera geet adhura hai", that I sang earlier. I recorded this song today and did not use EQ and used less reverb, as proposed by Naqvi Saab that day. Hope you will enjoy. Song: Ami Premer Pather Pathik (Walker in the love lane) Year: 1987 Music: Kishore Kumar Lyrics: Sibdas Bandhopadhyaya Original song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL6TDH5-2QU Lyrics translation: ami premer pother pothik ------I am a traveller in the love lane ghuri pothe pothe jodi taare khuje paai ------I wonder in roads with the hope to find her ami premer pother pothik mone prem ache priyotoma naai kache naai ----- My mind is full of love but darling is not around ami premer pother pothik || miche asha aar nirashar balute ---- In vain, on the sand of hope and despair, bhul kore bedhechi je ghor | ---- I built my home by mistake jibon sathi haae meleni amar ----- I did not get a life partner peyechi boishakhi jhor ----- instead got only summer storm ami cholonar sathe meetali korechi ----- I made friendship with deception bedona she bishero odhik | ----- Pain of that is more than poison mone prem ache priyotoma naai kache naai ----- My mind is full of love but darling is not around ami premer pother pothik || chobi hoye acho ei monete ----- You are in my mind like a picture mayabini hashi haasho | ----- Plesae smile that illusive smile onek dure tobuo kaache ----- You are far away, still so near shoponer maajhe esho ----- please come in my dream ami birohir maajhe milon khujechi ----- I searched for union in the midst of seperation e hridoy premer protik || ----- my heart is a symbol of love
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  • Dil Hoom hoom kare by Sister Susmita Nundy
    Dil Hoom hoom kare by Sister Susmita Nundy 5 May, 2020 I have not recorded anything new this week, but mixed a few, one of which is my sister's song, which I am uploading today. I thought about singing a song in memory of Rishi Kapoor, which I could not manage this week. Hope you will enjoy my elder sister's song, Pls make your device's volume a bit low, I did not get much enthu to rectify that myself. Song: Dil Hoom Hoom Kare Lyricist : Gulzar, Original Singer : Lata Mangeshkar, Music Director : Bhupen Hazarika, Movie : Rudaali (1993)
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  • Jin Raaton Ki Bhor Nahi Hai - Andhakarer ei rater seshe
    Jin Raaton Ki Bhor Nahi Hai - Andhakarer ei rater seshe 28 April, 2020 Another song of despair and depression in the era of Corona pandemic. This song has both hindi and bangla versions, both Sung by Kishore Kumar. Hindi song sung in 1964 in film Dur Gagan ki chhaon mein, and bangla song in the last bangla basic disk of KKji in 1987. It will be a bit lengthy and its tune may bring in a good sleep, still I hope you may enjoy. Song: Jin raaton ki bhor nahi hai Lyrics: Shailendra Tune - voice: Kishore Kumar Film: Dur gagan ki chhaon mein Bangla song: Andhakarer ei raater seshe Lyrics: Sibdas Bandhopadhya Bangla song ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQvbDTC7e7w Bangla lyrics translation: Andhakarer ei raater seshe, Surjo keno uthlo na [At the end of the dark night, why Sun did not rise?] Bhorer pakhi ghum bhangate, amay keno daaklo na [Why Birds of dawn did not call to awake me?] Raater tara hariye gelo megher kole je nei thikana [Stars of night are lost, have no address in the lap of cloud] Purnimar i chander alo jyotsna hoye phutlo na [Light from fullmoon did not bloom like the moonlight] Golap phuler gandha diye phuriye keu jane na [No body knows I will perish after giving fragrance of rose] Golap kantar aaghat soyechhi, golap phul aar jutlo na [I have withstand the pain of rose thorn, but no rose has come in my life]
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  • Kishore Kumar teaching me AYE KHUDA HAR FAISALA TERA MUJHE
    Kishore Kumar teaching me AYE KHUDA HAR FAISALA TERA MUJHE 21 April, 2020 Learning from Kishore Kumar, followed by singing with music. Another song for the era of Corona pandemic. Hope you will enjoy my experiment. Please do not mind the not-perfect voice of Kishore Kumar. Song: Aye Khuda Har Faisala Tera Mujhe Manzoor Hai Lyrics: Anand Bakshi Music: R D Burman Original Singer: Kishore Kumar
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  • Itne Sur Aur Itne Geet - Eto Sur Aar Eto Gaan -Naqvi Sangeet
    Itne Sur Aur Itne Geet - Eto Sur Aar Eto Gaan -Naqvi Sangeet 14 April, 2020 My second upload today, a bengali song translated by Naqvi Saab with my collaboration, and sung by both of us. Naqvi saab recorded in Muziboo days, I recorded my ort freshly today evening. I am not providing the lyrics translation as the hindi part is a true translation of bangla. I wanted to repeat this old project to mix the vocal in my current style, and I got a better result. Song: Eto Sur Aar Eto Gaan - Itne Sur Aur Itne Geet Lyrics - Tune: Sudhin Dasgupta original Singer: Subir Sen Cover: Muzaffar Naqvi, Sangeet Kishore
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  • Kahan Tak Yeh Man Ko Andhere Chhalenge - Sangeet Kishore
    Kahan Tak Yeh Man Ko Andhere Chhalenge - Sangeet Kishore 14 April, 2020 Today is Bengali New years day. I shall upload a couple of songs. First one regarding the state of mind in the middle of Corona Pandemic. And the next one a remix of a duet with Naqvi Saab. Song: Kahan Tak Yeh Man Ko Andhere Chhalenge Lyrics: Yogesh Music: Rajesh Roshan Original Singer: Kishore Kumar
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  • Koi Humdum Na Raha - Sangeet Kishore
    Koi Humdum Na Raha - Sangeet Kishore 7 Apr, 2020 In the context of Corona pandemic, it can be easily said that "Koi sahara na raha". A very mood swinging song. First sung by Asoke Kumar in 1936 when KKji was 9 years old and he liked the song for its appeal. KKji used it after 30 years in his own production Jhumroo, keeping the basic tune and mukhra same, but antara lyrics rewritten by Majruh Sultanpuri. I kept the reverb less than original and volume a bit high to manifest the energy, but when I uploaded it in YouTube, things were normalised down and in the process my vocal texture also changed that I did not like. Pls listen that also. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWhfDn3AOrQ
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