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  • Tombstones or Stepping Stones
    Tombstones or Stepping Stones Life has it's challenges. It's how we face them that's makes the difference. We can allow set backs to become the tombstones that seek to bury us or the stepping stones that better us.
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  • Bring the Big Boy Down
    Bring the Big Boy Down Most people have heard the story of David and Goliath, but it's more than a story. This lesson talks about how, with God, to bring the goliaths down that are facing your life today.
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  • Authentic Christianity
    Authentic Christianity In the day we are living in we’ve got more denominations, movements, meetings, different styles of church services than at any other time in history, yet people are still asking the question Where can i find authentic christianity? This lesson talks about the difference between Authentic and artificial christianity.
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  • The Key to the Matter
    The Key to the Matter A key is used to open or lock shut something. The key is also spoken of symbolically in the Bible as a sign of authority or power (Is.22:20-23). Jesus Christ is the key to opening up and understanding the Scriptures. (Luke 24:44-48).
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  • iServe
    iServe It seems that everywhere you look, more people are using the iphone. This smart phone technology has influenced humanity so much, many are now using their iphone more than a computer. What makes them so popular? The convenience of multiple applications that keep you in touch with what you need or want. With that in mind, we are like God’s smartphone in the earth. His instrument where He downloads His operating system within us when we are born again (Christ in us) and then places unique gifts of grace within us (applications) to be used for His pleasure, to serve His needs and wants.
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  • A Seat at the Table
    A Seat at the Table The expression “A Seat at the Table” is a term that means a person has gained access to a desired place, gathering or position. There are different reasons that cause people to acquire A Seat at the Table. Jesus Christ has provided you a seat at the table of God's blessing in the Kingdom of God.
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