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  • Rock City Demolition Show 299 1/2 A show in 3 sections. The first 3rd of the show is the tributes to those we lost in 2018 including: Aretha, Dolores O'Riordan, Marty Balin & Vinnie Paul. Next up is a big chunk of new music with contributions from: Muse, Haken, Skating Polly & Joe Bonamassa with Beth Hart. Finally, it's a preview of the next step for the show: an alt block, a metal block, a blues/Americana block. Don't worry, it'll all make sense on the listen!
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  • Rock City Demolition Extra Stuff 90s Yes an extra stuff show that gives you even more 90s music! All the grunge left out of the main 3 shows, all the alt bands like No Doubt, Paw, Silverchair, Nine Inch Nails, L7, Matchbox 20, many bands left out. Here they are. All in one show!
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  • Rock City Demolition Show 299 Part 3 of 3. A last look at the 90's with more alt-rock and a few forgotten odds & ends. Oh by the way, did I mention that all 3 shows are grunge-free? Featured in this show: Incubus, Spacehog, Fastball, Toad The Wet Sprocket, The Smithereens, Eve6, and The Presidents Of The United States Of America!
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  • Rock City Demolition Show 297 Part two of the music of the 90's. This time around its the hard rock, metal, blues-rock and solo rock guitarists that made waves in the 90's. Satriani, Vai, Thunder, Damn Yankees, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Helmet, Brother Cane, Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies, so much more! Tune in and rock out!
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  • Rock City Demolition Show 296 Part one of our massive look back at the music of the 1990s! In this installment it's the alt-rock scene! Elastica, Rancid, Harvey Danger, Jane's Addiction, Live, The Toadies...So much cool 90s music, one show couldn't contain it!
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  • Rock City Demolition Show 295 New Music! Some old favorites! Stuff I haven't played in years! It's a little bit of everything in this show! Featuring: Bad Wolves, Kid Felix, Slipknot, Will Turpin, Damone, and our co-Artists of the month, Collective soul & Toto!
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  • Rock City Demolition Show 294 The annual all covers show! Lacuna Coil covering R.E.M., Clutch doing Jethro Tull, plus cool covers from Weezer, Tragically Hip, Mitch Ryder, Greta Van Fleet & more! Want to hear cool tunes done by other artists? Show 294 has you covered!
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  • Rock City Demolition Show 293 It's a game of questions and answers! One band will ask the the question, another band will answer. You'll hear from The Frost, Dave Edwards & The Look, Magpie Salute, Eddie Kirkland, The Tubes, Grass Roots and much more! Oh yeah, it's also Collective Soul/Toto month! Enjoy!
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  • Rock City Demolition Show 292 Every so often we do an outside-the-box kind of show and really mix it up. This is one of those shows. There's still plenty of the rock you're used to from the likes of Bad Marriage, Badfinger and the Artist of the Month, The Gasoline Gypsies, but wait, there's more! Artists such as Aubryn, Harry Chapin, The Essex Green, Lone Justice, Warren Zevon, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Olivia Millerschin and more grace this episode with a touch of cool. Plus: we feature a tribute to the late, great Marty Balin. So kick back, relax and dig the ultra cool sounds of Show 292.
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  • Rock City Demolition Show 291 A whole bunch of new music highlights this episode. New cuts from: Devil's Hand, Dee Snider, Joe Bonamassa, Haken, Fish and more! Plus: classic cuts Tesla, Captain Beyond, The Raspberries, Argent, Detroit, and many others! Also it's still Gasoline Gypsies month, so you can expect some awesome cuts from them! Want cool music? Show 291 has some of the coolest music around, but don't just take my word for it, listen for yourself!
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