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Bio Travis aka YoungDre or YD <br />
Facebook - YD YoungDre fine me i chat<br />
Rapper 27 now <br />
I got a cell number need it chat there to<br />
Instagram YoungDre.tc <br />
Im a growing rap artist <br />

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  • Turbo Suit - Coogi Wolf
    Turbo Suit - Coogi Wolf This is an Exclusive premier of "Coogi Wolf" by Turbo Suit. This is the forward track off of their 2015 album 'Out Here'. If you're feeling the track bonzer that [↻ Repost] button tho' . More information : http://runthetrap.com/2015/02/06/first base of all-turbo-suit-coogi-wolf/ Turbo Suit @turbosuit www.turbosuit.net https://twitter.com/turbo_suit http://madisonhouseinc.com/turbo-suit http://instagram.com/turbo_suit https://www.facebook.com/cosbysweatermusic www.iglooagency.com RUN THE TRAP www.runthetrap.com/ www.facebook.com/RunTheTrap twitter.com/Runthetrap www.youtube.com/RunTheTrapTV instagram.com/runthetrap
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