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I can't swap out or delete some photos idk why but I would like to. Website links to the left. Some uploads are private but a lot of public audio isn't showing up in my profile for some reason. I put some of the censored (?) audio in the playlist. I realize a lot of this seems paranoid but all I can say is "Martha Mitchell Effect" (google it up) Some things I do have direct evidence of and some things I don't, some things I know for sure and some things I can only speculate on. People say I don't trust anyone but it seems to me that my problems stem from being stupidly trusting and having my trust betrayed repeatedly which ultimately is my own fault and responsibility. The pics of the beaded tealight holders were some of what was stolen back in 2012. They were inspired by Huichol bead art and take an entire 40 hours to complete.

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