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  • P/C/B/ Defending with 3 & 4
    P/C/B/ Defending with 3 & 4 UNITED SPEED CLINIC FOOTBALL ACADEMY -Pressure Cover Balance, and Defending with 3 or 4 flat out of the back. Also, the importance of incorporating the tight diamond midfield into this philosophy as well as defending with strikers.
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  • Abe Lincolns 2nd Inaugural
    Abe Lincolns 2nd Inaugural PASTOR BILLY ELIAS- Reads from his favorite President, Abraham Lincoln, this his second Inaugural address, Saturday March 4th 1865.
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  • Fear Part II "Fear of Man"
    Fear Part II "Fear of Man" Pastor Billy Elias - "Fear" Part II (The Fear of Man) Tonight we are about to embark on a journey! The scriptures I’m sure familiar, the stories heard many times before, in fact this sermon may seem a bit simple, however, all of us have been called to raise up for the Messiah and overcome whatever obstacle is in our way. And what is it that Satan uses most of all to control the saints of the living God? FEAR! What is it that destroys relationships and sometimes leaves people in utter ruins, and loneliness? FEAR! And what is it that neutralizes, paralyzes, and renders many believers and ministries completely ineffective? FEAR!
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  • Beth Palal - House of Prayer
    Beth Palal - House of Prayer Pastor Billy Elias - Perhaps the most known exposition on this subject of Beth Palal or House of Prayer comes from Jesus Himself as He is cleaning out the Temple of moneychangers, thieves, swindlers! As He is turning over tables and thrashing the offenders He cries out that this House, This Temple of God was to be a House of Prayer, not a den of thieves. I want us to take a journey if you will, let’s examine what Jesus was talking about as He shouted the Words of the Prophet Yesha Yahu, or Isaiah. Let’s find out what this house of prayer is supposed to be and who it is supposed to be for.
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  • The Mustard Tree and Faith
    The Mustard Tree and Faith Pergpas one of the most repeated and often misunderstood parable or statement that Jesus made is concerning the mustard seed. Someone actrually made it into a necklace and probably made millions off of the idea selling these seeds to “BELEIVERS” who only know that if they have faith the size of a mustard seed, they can move mountains. However, what does it mean to have that Faith???? And believe me, it’s not what you think!
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