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  • Gumnaam - Hum Kaale Hai Tho  - Thinkal Govind Kumar
    Gumnaam - Hum Kaale Hai Tho - Thinkal Govind Kumar HAPPY NEW YEAR, My Dear Friends & Well-wishers !!!!!! On this very first day of the New Year 2019, extremely pleased to present my modest cover of this rocking All Time Hit song of Rafi Sahab from the Hindi Movie "Gumnaam" that had been picturised on Mehmood & Helen !!!!! Credits..... Film : Gumnaam (1965) Lyrics : Shailendra Music : Shankar - Jaikishan Original Singer : Mohammed Rafi Cover Singer : Thinkal Govind Kumar
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  • Milkar Juda hue to-Chandrasekharan
    Milkar Juda hue to-Chandrasekharan Dear friends,I am so humbly attempting a Ghazal originally sung by Jagjit ji and Chitra ji.I am attempting it as a solo. Hope my all friends will like my attempt and give your valuable feed back. Milkar Juda Hue To Album-A Mile Stone(1980) Lyrics-Qateel Shifai Singers-Jagjit Singh-Chitra Singh Cover-Chandrasekharan
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  • Jaane Anjaane_MMM_09May18
    Jaane Anjaane_MMM_09May18 Song: Jaane Anjaane Log Mile Film: Jaane Anjaane (1971) Lyricist(s): Hasrat Jaipuri MD: Shankar-Jaikishan Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Tribute By: Madhukar Mehta https://youtu.be/uCjGA2gp5-Y One of most melodic but sad songs that Kishore Kumar left us with has been on my do list for some time and this time I found a way to cover it. Kishore da sung this song as a background song in the movie. This movie followed after blockbusters like Aradhana and Kati Patang from Shakti Samant and was not a very successful movie but this song and Manna Dey’s Chum Chum Baaje re PaayaliyaaN left a strong impression on me. Hopefully you will be able to tolerate my efforts here for ~ 3 minutes. Using a good pair of headphones may enhance the listening experience for this upload. Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended by this upload as it is shared for like minded amateur music lovers. No monetary gain is expected and all credit for the creation belong to the rightful owners and creators.
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  • Batein Ye Kabhi Na - DJ_Wazif
    Batein Ye Kabhi Na - DJ_Wazif This song in recent years has got a lot of popularity. I first time listened to it when I saw a news in a channel highlighting about a "Redhi Wala" singing this song. Later he was called to studios and got quite a lot of fame. (You may search that in YouTube though). Sung by Arijit Singh in movie Khamoshiyan. This Bollywood supernatural horror film is directed by Karan Darra and produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt in association with Vishesh Films. The film is a supernatural love triangle revolving around a writer adrift in the icy slopes of Kashmir where he discovers a married woman with a strange, silent past along with her bed-ridden husband. Music isn't as loud as in other songs which are coming these days and lyrics are good as well. I've changed some grammer which wasn't correct in the original. Those who have been listening to it might notice it but this is the correct I delivered. Finally but not the least, thanks so much ONCE AGAIN :-) NAQVI saheb for mixing this so beautifully. Thanks for your time and hopefully I'll soon tune up my instruments and gears :-) Song: Baten Ye Kabhi Na Original Singer: Arijit Singh Movie: Khamoshiyan Cover: DJ Wazif Note: No copyright infringement intended, this karaoke song is just for fun and enjoyment for family and friends here. The track is available on YouTube and nothing tweaked.
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  • Kahin Din Kahin Raat - Kamar Patli -Thinkal Govind Kumar
    Kahin Din Kahin Raat - Kamar Patli -Thinkal Govind Kumar Dear All..... So happy to present my modest cover of a very pleasant romantic song "Kamar Patli" from the Biswajeet - Sapna - Pran film in Hindi "Kahin Din Kahin Raat" !!!!! I may please be allowed to add a few more words about this particular cover of mine !!!!! This particular song has been originally sung by Mahendra Kapoor Ji, who had been known as "Poor man's Mohammed Rafi", whereas I have covered this in Mohammed Rafi Sahab's pleasant & romantic style, as advised by my dear friend, guide & philosopher, Muzaffer Naqvi Sahab, who himself is a highly talented & versatile singer !!!!! My heart goes out to dear Naqvi Sahab, who has been the sole inspiration behind all this & who has made this really possible !!!!!!! Credits : Film : Kahin Din Kahin Raat (1968) Lyrics : S H Bihari Music : O P Nayyar Original Singer : Mahendra Kapoor Cover Singer : Thinkal Govind Kumar
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  • Ye Pyar Tha Ya Kuch Aur Tha-Cover Adina Galani A heavily beautiful song from Prem Rog 1982. With Naqvi sir's magic hand, this dream of mine has become reality, thank You Sir for bringing this to life by mixing it so wonderful. Original Singer, Sudha Malhotra, MD. Laxmikant Pyarelal, Lyrics, Santosh Anand
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  • Yun Neend Se Woh Jaan E Chaman - Sangeet Kishore
    Yun Neend Se Woh Jaan E Chaman - Sangeet Kishore 17 Oct, 2017 This song was referred by Nandi bhai, when Naqvi Saab uploaded here one qawali song Humko Tumhare Ishq Ne two weeks ago. Nandi bhai provided the track to both myself and Naqvi Saab. Frankly speaking it was a new song for me and I started practicing it only two days ago from Sunday. And the inevitable happened, it has become my tune rather than RD-s tune. Now I understand why todays songs, when artists just go to studio and record part by part, do not touch our heart and why the old songs still wins the race. I know I have to rerecord it again after listening Naqvi Saabs rendition, until that please listen and give your true feedback, because this is really a tricky song. If somebody wants to learn game of pauses in a song, this a great example song. Thank you Nandi bhai for providing this beautiful and precious track. Song: Yun Neend Se Woh Jaan E Chaman Lyrics: Anand Bakshi Music: RD Burman Original: Kishore Kumar
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  • O Mor Moyna Go-Bangla-Cover Adina Galani I have no excuse for being inactive except for work. Became a horrible workaholic for some reason I am still to find out. Surely I adore my job but not as much as music and still I am able to give music less time. Sad, I know. Ventured little in the unknown this time therefore please feel free to have good fun on my definitely colourful Bengali pronounciation. This is a very covered song, quite popular for that matter so I gave it a try too. No idea who wrote the lyrics but I came across this translation and I paste it here, unaware of how accurate it is. Sounds good but, to my unprofessional ears. :-) With many many thanks to Naqvi Sahab for this wonderful, mature mix. My father liked it dearly Sir. Original singer, Lata Mangeshkar Music composer: Salil Chowdhury I have no idea who wrote the lyrics, if anyone knows, please add inn a comment, for my cultural improvement. Lyrics translation found on web: • moyna (moyna means cuckoo if the dictionary is right) oh my moyna for whom you are alone? for whom you are restless all along? he will not come back. he will not return to you. you look at the far beyond and you sing in you unknown tune Though it's green now there will be yellow in the fall alas, you didnt know that. why there are tears in your eyes why remain despondent all the time? if you lost something, let it be lost spread again your wing in the blue sky, go and fly again. Translation source: http://www.howtoexam.com/index.php?option=com_easydiscuss&view=post&id=4&Itemid=172
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  • Saamne_Yeh_Kaun_Audio_Praveen
    Saamne_Yeh_Kaun_Audio_Praveen What a I like more about this song is the instrument "Paddle Dholak" RD burman has used specifically in this song..its really intoxicating..and I always enjoy listening to it. But unfortunately none the people used this instrument in Karaoke :(. If any body wants to know more about his instrument this click the below link and enjoy it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZB4wFdFLUAw Recently Naqvi ji had sung and uploaded this song..forget about Kishore da..I am nowhere near to Naqvi ji's performance..what a melodious as well as rocking performance it was!! I had a dream of singing this song, but after listening to Naqvi ji's performance I was really motivated to cover this song..hence, dedicating this song to Naqvi ji!! ( Uff how many times I have typed Naqvi ji's name here ;) )hope you will like my efforts here.. Last week I had uploaded the title song from the same movie..(Which I shall re-upload it later) Song: Saamne Yeh Kaun Aya Movie: Jawani Diwani(1972) Music Director: RD Burman Lyrics: Anand Bakshi Original Singer: Kishore Kumar
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  • Sochenge_Tumhe_Pyar_Audio_Praveen
    Sochenge_Tumhe_Pyar_Audio_Praveen Friends coming back so soon...just to compensate last week absence :)...thanks for your patience and love...thanks in advance. Song: Sochenge Tumhe Pyar Movie: Deewana(1993) Music Director: Nadeem-Shravan Lyrics: Sameer Original Singer: Kumar Sanu
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  • gumnam hai koi-karaoke cover by kala vijay-hindi old song
    gumnam hai koi-karaoke cover by kala vijay-hindi old song movie-Gumnaam music-Shankar jaikishen original singer-Lataji this song is one of the most haunting melodies of Lataji. always in my wishlist.always find very difficult to do justice to its melody. anyways tried it atlast.hope my friends will enjoy. lyrics writed i could not found on internet. the movie was a suspense thriller of 60's with some great music. pl give your feed back if time permits my friends. though we have very few listeners here.i believe here ,our friends will listen our songs fully.thank you so much friends.
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  • Tumhi mere mandir - Khandan - 1965 - Saroj - Cover
    Tumhi mere mandir - Khandan - 1965 - Saroj - Cover Happy New Year Film: Khandan - 1965 Lyricist: Rajendra Krishna Singer: Lata Mangeshkar Music Director: Ravi Cover: Saroj
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  • Main_Kho_gaya_Audio_Praveen
    Main_Kho_gaya_Audio_Praveen Many Many Happy Returns of the day Rafi Sahab!! Glad to inform you all that this my 50th Upload on this forum. And happy that am celebrating worlds best moment here today!! this is my small tribute to the legend. I hope you all will enjoy my efforts here...sorry for coming up with another upload so soon.... Song: Main Kho Gaya Movie: 12 O'clock (1958) Music Director: O P Nayyar Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri
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  • Zindagi Ke Safar Mein Guzar Jate Hain - Sangeet Kishore
    Zindagi Ke Safar Mein Guzar Jate Hain - Sangeet Kishore 22 Nov, 2016 My regular upload. This song came to mind after knowing the untimely demise of Naqvi Saabs sister. So dedicating the song to her memory. A long song, hope wont be boring. Song : Zindagi Ke Safar Mein Guzar Jaate Hain Jo Makaam Lyrics: Anand Bakshy Music: RD Film: Aap ki kasam (1974) Singer: Kishore Kumar Zindagi Ke Safar Mein Guzar Jaate Hain Jo Makaam The destinations that we leave behind in our journey of life Vo Phir Nahin Aate, Vo Phir Nahin Aate Do not come back ever Phool Khilte Hain, Log Milte Hain Flowers bloom, people meet Phool Khilte Hain, Log Milte Hain Magar Flowers bloom, people meet, but…. Patjhad Mein Jo Phool Murjha Jaate Hain The blooms that wither in fall Vo Baharon Ke Aane Se Khilte Nahin don’t bloom again in the spring Kuchh Log Ik Roz Jo Bichhad Jaate Hain Some people who get separated one day, Vo Hazaron Ke Aane Se Milte Nahin you never meet again even if you meet thousand others Umra Bhar Chahe Koi Pukaara Kare Unka Naam No matter that you call them for the rest of your life Vo Phir Nahin Aate, Vo Phir Nahin Aate They wont come back, they wont come back…. Aankh Dhokha Hai, Kya Bharosa Hai Seeing is not believing, Aankh Dhokha Hai, Kya Bharosa Hai Suno Let me tell you seeing is not believing Doston Shaq Dosti Ka Dushman Hai Doubt is the enemy of friendship Apne Dil Mein Ise Ghar Banane Na Do Don’t let it creep into your heart Kal Tadapna Pade Yaad Mein Jinki Them, in whose memory you will yearn Rok Lo Rooth Kar Unko Jaane Na Do Hold on to them, don’t let them leave you in anger Baad Mein Pyaar Ke Chahe Bhejo Hazaron Salaam Later, even if you send thousand love notes Vo Phir Nahin Aate, Vo Phir Nahin Aate They wont come back, they wont come back…. Subah Aati Hai, Raat Jaati Hai morning comes, evening goes Subah Aati Hai, Raat Jaati Hai Yunhi morning comes and evening goes as usual Vaqt Chalta Hi Rehta Hai Rukta Nahin Time keeps moving on, it does not stop Ek Pal Mein Ye Aage Nikal Jaata Hai In a second, it moves on leaving you behind Aadmi Theek Se Dekh Paata Nahin We are not able to see clearly Aur Pardey Pe Manzar Badal Jaata Hai And the whole canvas of life changes Ek Baar Chale Jaate Hain Jo Din-Raat Subah-O-Shaam Once these days and nights pass away Vo Vo Phir Nahin Aate, Vo Phir Nahin Aate They wont come back, they won’t come back
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  • woh dekho jala ghar kisi ka - (anpadh)karaoke cover by kala
    woh dekho jala ghar kisi ka - (anpadh)karaoke cover by kala A completely heartouching melody from Madan Mohanji.all songs are equally great from this movie.already covered aap ki nazron ne samjha fm the same movie.this song was always in my wishlist.and i have a special liking for such sad songs.hope my musical friends here also like my attempt.please listen when time permits.thanks in advance. Thank you so much Naqvi saab,for your magical mixing as always.i know it is not easy for you to make my crude recording in this condition.ha.ha.ha.. i am trying to come back to my musical mode.and it is always your motivation too.thank you for being so kind Naqvi saab. Movie-Anpadh lyrics-Raja Mehdi ali khan saab Music-Madan Mohanji original singer-Lataji cover-by kala vijay
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  • Kehta Hai Dil Tum Ho Mere Liye-Duet with Naqvi Sahab Haven't heard this one in ages when Naqvi Sahab suggested it to me. First listen was kind of "ok, not my league", - I was sure I can't sing it because for the sake of me, I doubt I can get those sweet expressions right. And they say if it doesn't come naturally, one should forget it. But I tried my best. :-) From the second listen on, I was surprised I could sing it and start loving its simplicity and innocence. :-) Thank You Naqvi Sahab for considering me and thanks for mixing it so beautifully and for singing it absolutely magnifisant. Thanks everyone for Your listening to our take on this one. Original singers: Talat Mahmood, and Asha Bhosle Movie: Mem Sahib 1956 MD: Madan Mohan Lyrics: Rajinder Krishan
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  • Jagmag Jagmag Karta Nikla - Oldie - Sangeet Kishore
    Jagmag Jagmag Karta Nikla - Oldie - Sangeet Kishore 16 Aug, 2016 Kishore Kumar Oldie I always wondered why Kishore Kumar kept this song in his own fav list, second to only "dookhi man mere". Only after trying to learn this song for recording, I could appreciate the maza of the song and the beauty of the gharana of old tunes. Those days, the tune cycles were so long and contained so many notes. KKji was only 20 years old then when he recorded this song, and what a matured voice he already had, containing all his trademark natural vibratos, end-breath twists and punches. MD Khemchand Prakash told Ashoke Kumar about KKji, "isko mere haat chor do, mai usko taiyar karunga". I wish I have a Guru also, but no one is around except Naqvi Saab. My father used to sing this song and this time his influence is more than Kkji's influence on me. I sang with him with wrong notes, but that wrong tune has sat on my tongue so solidly that now it is almost impossible to rectify it in short time. Also I did not get the full karaoke, so please ignore the ear shores considering it to be only an amateurish attempt. I have recorded another song which is older than this and tuned by Pankaj Mullick, which Lata ji also remade. If you allow my older song singing, I shall upload it next week. Song: Jagmag Jagmag Karta Nikla Movie: Rimjhim (1949) Singer: Kishore Kumar Music : Khemchand Prakash Lyricist: Bharat Vyas Jagmag jagmag karta nikla chaand punam kaa pyaara Meree chaandanee bichhad gayee, mere ghar me huva andhiyaara Jagmag jagmag karta nikla chaand punam kaa pyaara Yeh madmatee raat, yeh thandee thandee hawa ke jhonke Tere bina mere sune jigar me birhah kee agnee phunke Jhilmil jhilmil taare chamakate, jagmag hai jag saara Meree chaandanee bichhad gayee, mere ghar me huva andhiyaara Jagmag jagmag karta nikla chaand punam kaa pyaara Chaand kee shital shital kirne birhah ke ban chalaaye Raat chaandanee diya jalaaye, ang me aag lagaaye Yeh basant kee raat naa sulge, jaise koyee angaara Meree chaandanee bichhad gayee, mere ghar me huva andhiyaara Jagmag jagmag karta nikla chaand punam kaa pyaara
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  • Yeh hi Toh Jeevan - Birthday Tribute to Kishore Kumar
    Yeh hi Toh Jeevan - Birthday Tribute to Kishore Kumar 27th July, 2016. My advanced tribute to KK ji for his forthcoming birthday. This is the last song from the miracle trio of Kishore Kumar, Ajoy Das and Pulak Bandhopadhya. KKji sang many songs free of cost for Rajesh Khanna and Satyajit Ray, but this song is the only song recording event when KK ji broke down after singing and asked his secretary to return the advance also. Please listen the original bengali song, regarded as one of the best bengali song of KK ji. I am going for an operation, if I come out of anesthesea, then I shall upload the bengali cover. Song: Ei toh jeevan (hindi translation), 1987 Music: Ajoy Das. Lyrics: Pulak Banerjee Ori singer: Kishore Kumar Original KKji song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzZNUJ31Z40 Lyrics: Yeh hi toh jeevan hingsa, bibad , kam, krodh samvalte chita mein hi anta hote, hay chita mein hi anta hote --- This is how life is --- After managing envy, quarrel, desire, anger --- It ends in the funeral pyre Phir vi, kiun dubne chahte ho baivab ke bish mein sab hi toh mit jana hai mitti mein --- Still why you immerse in the poison of wealth --- Everything will go the earth ultimately Kimti jagamaga kapda vi sath nei jaate Chita mein hi anta hote --- Costly bright clothings also will not go with you --- All ends in the funeral pyre Pyra yeh jeesam vi ek mutha safed vashma hoga Sab hi piche chodna hoga --- This lovely body will become a handfull of ash --- You have to leave every thing behind Keya chaha keya mila hisab vi nehi chukte Chita mein anta hote --- What you wanted & what you got --- that account is never settled --- All ends in the funeral pyre
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  • Tere Siva Na Kisi Ka Banoonga-Muzaffar Naqvi&Adina Galani There is always a reason for what ever happens to us, some say. I sometimes too believe so. Heard this song some time ago and I must confess here, whenever I hear some song I like, I either imagine it singing or just wondering, shall I ask Naqvi Sahab or not if it is a duet. Well this time I did and here is the result. I know I took long, but that is no news for anyone I think. :-) Thank You Sir for singing with me, for Your patience, motivation and guidance. Thank You for this beautiful mix and for the pain of dealing with my diction and style of singing. I know too well this is a challenge and I as well know You are one of the very few if not the only one, keeping me alive into music. It is all Your credit, the song and the way it came. If any flaws at my side, (surely there) they are entirely mine and I proudly assume them! :-) Thank You all for Your listening. Movie: Professor Pyarelal, 1981, Music Director Kalyanji Anandji Lyrics written by Rajinder Krishan Original Singers: Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhosle
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    DIL DUNDTA HAI AGS On his death anniversary yesterday 15th July. I am dedicating this song to Shri Madan Mohan ji. I could not upload yesterday due to some technical internet problem. "Aaj prasiddha sangeetkar Madan Mohan ji ki 41TH punyatithi hai. Main unhe shraddhanjali arpan karti hun, aur koti koti pranam karti hun. (Today is famous musician Madan Mohan's 40th death anniversary. I pay my respects and tribute to him.)," LATA DIDI she tweeted. Born on 25 June 1924, at Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, where his father Rai Bahadur Chunilal was working as an Accountant General with the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces, Madan Mohan spent the first five years of his life in the Middle East After 1932, the family returned to Chunnilal's home town of Chakwal, then in Jhelum district of Punjab, British India. They were left in the care of a grandparent while Chunnilal went to Mumbai to seek business opportunities. He subsequently became a partner in the Bombay Talkies studio and then in the Filmistan studio. "Dil dhuandhataa hai, fir wahi furasat ke raat din baithhe rahe tasawwur-e-jaanaa kiye hue jaadon ki narm dhup aur aangan men let kar aankhon pe khinch kar tere aachal ke saae ko aundhe pade rahe kabhi karawat lie hue barfili sardiyon men kisi bhi pahaad par waadi men gunjati huyi, khaamoshiyaaan sune aankhon men bhige bhige se lamhe lie hue "
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    MERI BHIGI BHIGI SE Veteran Rahat Fateh Ali Khan shared the dais with all the legends of laughter on Indian Sony TV the Kapil Sharma Show. The singer shared some fun moments with Kapil Sharma on his show. The singer was dressed up in a white kurta-pajama with a mustard colure Nehru jacket When kapail asked what is your short Name instead of long name He said my family member's called me as pet name is Tipu. The show has made it to the top slot in the non-fiction category. The show has impressed fans across the globe, including the US, UK and other countries. The show airs on Sony entertainment television on last Saturday at 9 pm. During his show Rahat fathe ali khan sahib he Said He is a great fan of Kishore da and he sung this song Meri bhigi bhigi si palakon pe rah ge jaise mere sapane bikhar ke jale man teraa bhi, kisi ke milan ko anaamikaa tu bhi tarase tujhe bin jaane, bin pahachaane, mainne hriday se lagaayaa par mere pyaar ke badale men tune, mujhako ye din dikhalaayaa jaise birahaa ki rut mainne kaati, taड़ap ke ahen bhar bhar ke jale man teraa... .. ag se naataa, naari se rishtaa, kaahe man samajh n paayaa mujhe kyaa hua thaa, ek bewafaa pe haae mujhe kyon pyaar ayaa teri bewafaai pe hanse jag saaraa, gali gali gujare jidhar se jale man teraa... ..
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  • Radha Kaise Na Jale...( Cover )
    Radha Kaise Na Jale...( Cover ) Hi friends..Very happy to present a beautiful duet song with very talented and disciplined singer Madhu Biswas bro who have sung it excellently as usual..Hope, you friends will enjoy our humble efforts at this awesome melody.. Please listen to it when time permits and kindly post your valuable remarks Many thanks in advance --- Original Credits, Movie : Lagaan (2001) Music : A R Rehman Lyrics : Jawed Akhtar Artists : Udit Narayan, Asha Bhosle --- Cover : Madhu Biswas, Hema Shamal ---
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  • Tum_Kitni_Khoobsurat_Audio_Praveen
    Tum_Kitni_Khoobsurat_Audio_Praveen A very rare and beautiful song!! I hope you will like my efforts here. Song: Tum Kitni Khoobsurat Ho Movie: Jangal Mein Mangal (1972) Music Director: Shankar Jaikishen Lyricist: Harindranath Chatopadhyay Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Cover Singer: Praveen
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  • Tera Hijr Mera Naseeb Hai...( Cover )
    Tera Hijr Mera Naseeb Hai...( Cover ) Hi friends..my humble attempt at a very beautiful melody originally sung by Kabban Mirza..a forgotten name but he left his stamp on music lover's hearts by singing just 2 songs in Hindi film with his soulful, distinct, melodious and powerful voice..Nida Fazli penned this beautiful Urdu poetry, composed by Khayyam who selected Kabban Mirza, an All India radio presenter, to sing this song leaving all playback singers aside.. My sincere apologies if any flaws, mistakes in my amateur singing and presentation.. I'm very thankful to Muzaffar Naqvi Sir for this karaoke track Please listen to my efforts when time permits and post your valuable remarks Many thanks in advance --- Original Credits, Movie : Razia sultan(1983) Music : Khayyam Lyrics : Nida Fazli Artist : Kabban Mirza --- Karaoke Cover : Solely for friendly share and practice, No copyright infringement intended --- Translation, Courtesy : Internet --- Parting from you my fate it may be.. Longing for you, the only life I see.. Why should I despair of farness though? wherever you are, you are close to me.. For my sake your name is clouded.. I will not let it be.. I may not be afraid of this world.. but your virtue is at the heart of me.. You have favoured me with your love... And that means the world to me... And this in fact is worth my life itself.. ---
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  • Rajnigandha Phool Tumhare-Cover Adina Galani I sometimes wonder when I upload a song, how much it is really listened. And that's an off put for anyone I guess. So I learned one thing ever since into covers world. If one listener has heard my song fully, my work is done. This is a lovely song, much, much more complicated than one thinks at the first "Glance". The track was slitely modern but sounding good enough. Thank to Naqvi Sir, my voice projection is very good and those beautiful girly hidden expressions are brought nicely front. Thank You Sir. Original singer: Lata Mangeshkar Lyrics: Yogesh MD. Salil Chowdhary Movie: Rajnigandha 1974
    Adina.Galani 00:04:16 888 1 Downloads 21 Comments
  • Lara Lappa Lara Lappa Laayi Rakhda...(Cover)
    Lara Lappa Lara Lappa Laayi Rakhda...(Cover) Hi friends..wish you all a very happy and colorful Holi :) ..Very happy to share a vintage classic..a lovely, peppy song which is almost 65 years old now, and one of the earliest songs by Lata ji..supported by G M Durrani Sahab and Mohammad Rafi Sahab..was a super hit song in the early days of independent India..Motilal ji was Hero and Heroine Meena Shorey ji got fame as ""Lara Lappa Girl"" from this Comedy thriller film...Ek thi Ladki :) I'm thankful to Muzaffar Naqvi Sahab for happily joining in this song with me..despite being unwell, he kindly sent his part in no time and also helped me about song credits :) We have mostly sung serious songs, Ghazals..hope, you friends will enjoy our humble efforts at this light, peppy song this time on Holi :) ..and really nice to remember those great few artists too, who's names are almost forgotten by time were very well known artists of that time :) Many thanks in advance :) --- Original Credits, Movie : Ek Thi Ladki(1949) Music : Vinod Lyrics : Aziz Kashmiri Artists: Lata Mangeshkar, Ghulam Mustafa Durrani, Mohammad Rafi --- Please check YT link below for video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su0HIf7sC9Q
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  • Dil-e-Nadan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai...(Cover)
    Dil-e-Nadan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai...(Cover) Hi friends..A Ghazal that adored and sung by all generations till date..my most fav ghazal of all time and I love various versions I have heard from master singers like Jagjit-Chitra Singh ji, Abida Parween ji, Mehedi Hasan ji..etc.. I am sincerely thankful to Muzaffar Naqvi Sahab for singing it with me on my request..our cover is based on Talat Mehmood-Suraiya ji's version from classic movie Mirza Ghalib..please bear with karaoke track quality..also we have lowered the track's scale one note than the original song Hope, you will enjoy listening to our amateur and humble efforts..no comparison with original is masterpiece itself, but your feed back is surely valuable for us Many thanks in advance Please check yt link below for video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvtrC26iWzY --- Original Credits, Movie : Mirza Ghalib(1954) Music : Ghulam Momammed Lyrics : Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib Artists : Talat Mahmood, Suraiya --- Dil-e-Nadan tujhe hua kya hai ? Aakhir is dard ki dawa kya hai O innocent heart, what happened to you What is the cure for this pain, after all? Ham hain mushtaaq aur woh bezaar Ya ilaahee! Yeh maajra kya hai ? I am anxious and eager, he is cold and displeased Oh God, what is this mystery? Main bhi munh me zabaan rakhataa hun Kaash puchho ki mudda kya hai I too have a tongue in my mouth (I too have an opinion) If only I was I asked my intention (mudda’ is a distorted form of the actual Urdu word ‘mudua’ which means ‘ intention’, ‘will’ or ‘objective’) Ham ko un se wafa ki hai ummeed Jo nahin jaanate wafa kya hai I hope for faith from one Who doesn’t know what it means to be faithful Jaan tum par nisaar karta hoon Main nahin jaanata duaa kya hai I am willing to sacrifice my life for you I do not know what else is prayer? --- (Lyrics and translation courtesy : Internet)
    hemashamal 00:03:39 757 0 Downloads 38 Comments
  • Kisi Patthar Ki Murat (Mhndra Kapoor-Hamraaz) cover by Gopi
    Kisi Patthar Ki Murat (Mhndra Kapoor-Hamraaz) cover by Gopi Movie : Hamraaz Language : Hindi Year : 1967 Starring : Sunil Dutt, Raaj Kumar, Vimi Original Singer : Mahendra Kapoor Original Music Score : Ravi Lyrics by : Sahir Ludhianvi Karaoke Track : courtesy Youtube Notes : (1) From the mid 60's up to the mid 70's, it was always a toss up between Rafi, Kishore, Mukesh, Mannadey & the other man with an elastic vocal range, Mahendra Kapoor. The admiration for Kapoor, known as the vibrant voice of India (& also like Kishore the voice of Rajesh Khanna, Mukesh the voice of Raj Kapoor was known as the voice of Manoj Kumar) grows each time when I attempt to hum him. (2) For those who are keen to read, here is a hyperlink to an article about Mahendra Kapoor published on the website "Meri aawaz suno" dedicated to Mohd Rafi which I found deeply insightful. http://www.mohdrafi.com/meri-awaaz-suno/mahendra-kapoor-the-vibrant-voice-of-india.html Disclaimer : This song is not intended for any commercial release and carries no commercial value whatsoever. It is a cover version for family, friends, well wishers and lovers of such music. They are posted solely out of a passion for singing them and also out of the greatest respect and highest admiration for each and everyone involved in the original compositions/ production. Anyone sharing/ distributing is doing it without my knowledge at his own will and risk and shall bear all consequences arising out of their actions.
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  • Mere Tumhare Beech Mein Ab To-cover Adina Galani I do not know the movie, but I have heard the song many times and liked it very much. It is pretty challenging, a challenge I gladly took. Beautiful lyrics and a wonderful tune. Performed on an mg track. Mixing by Muzaffar Naqvi Sir, thank You. Movie: Jhuk Gaya Aasman - 1968 MD. Shankar Jaykishan, Lyrics: Shailendra Original singer: Lata Mangeshkar
    Adina.Galani 00:06:07 599 0 Downloads 23 Comments
  • Jaaiye aap kahan jaayenge - cover Adina Galani This is one of the songs I have lost the previous mix when my external drive smoked for bad and gave up onn me. Luckily, I had had the vocals somewhere else saved and could recover the track from youtube. I love this song, or well, its message and aalaps even though I am not as closed as I perhaps should be to OP Nayyar's creations. For a change, it is nice and I remember having enjoyed singing it when one of my good music friends has suggested me to and I reluctantly agreed fearing I couldn't do justice. Now.... I like it. Justice or not, it is my work I am proud of like of all others. Thanks Satheesh for mixing it in spite of the tricky track; I know, putting up with my ear and vocals is a little headaching, but come on man, U managed both elegantly! :-) Movie: Mere Sanam 1965 MD. OP Nayyar Original Singer: Asha Bhosle Lyrics: S H Bihari
    Adina.Galani 00:06:21 693 6 Downloads 27 Comments
  • Sapna (Hindi) | Venkat's 1st Trilingual Single
    Sapna (Hindi) | Venkat's 1st Trilingual Single Dear friends, happy to announce my first trilingual single song , is released with the blessings of Padmabhushan Dr. S.P.Balasubhramanyam This is the Hindi version of my trilingual single :) Hindi version video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsCdirlG-PI&index=2&list=PLvCYzre1zr5BS5VaJl-tEQxrzjqSMVj0M #Sapna is the debut trilingual "single" of Venkat, Produced by Deepika and composed by Tajmeel sheriff. The concept behind this single is "For a music lover how music has a major influence in his day to day life and what he/she would aspire to become". The song can be downloaded on gaana.com, saavn.com etc. Below mentioned Gaana.com download links, pls download and share friends :) http://gaana.com/album/kanaa http://gaana.com/album/sapna-hindi http://gaana.com/album/kala-telugu Credits: Singer & Concept: Venkat Composed by Tajmeel sheriff Produced by Deepika Badhrinarayana Lyricists: Arun Venkatesan & Muthu Kumar (Tamil), Prashanti Chopra (Hindi), Kiran Vandana (Telugu) Technical Team: Director: SI VA Cinematography: Bala Sivaji Editing: K.J.Venkat Ramanan, Manivannan BA DI: Kennedy Bernadsha Cast: Venkat, Tajmeel sheriff, Joseph Kenaniah, Monish Krishna, Arun Siva, Senthilkumar Karunakaran Dancers: Tharak Ram, Deepak Ravi, Ranjithbaboo Sukumaran Aesthetics: Vignash Dheenadayalan Additional Cinematography: Magesh Thirunavukarasu Assitant Editors: Gangadaran.T, PK Thanks one and all , only with all your kind support and motivation I am able to progress with every attempt. Pls keep supporting as always :) Thanks
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  • Wo Tere Pyar Ka Gham_cover by Harish
    Wo Tere Pyar Ka Gham_cover by Harish This is my tribute to Music Director Daan Singh. Despite crafting such gems, Singh was never swamped with offers. Perhaps it was a combination of bad luck and his inability to market himself that proved to be the composer's undoing. "Na poochiye apni daastan (Don't ask me about my life)," is all he said on his failure to make it big. As Nitin Mukesh puts it, "He was an extremely talented and creative musician who perhaps never got his due." This song, embellished with an elegant piano flourish and a slick saxophone riff, was written by Anand Bakshi and sung by Mukesh for the film, My Love (1970). "It was one of the finest numbers that my father sung. It was also among his finest renditions," says singer Nitin Mukesh. Lyrics: Anand Bakshi Music: Daan Singh Singer: Mukesh Movie: My Love –(1970)
    Harish.Bha... 00:03:59 463 0 Downloads 22 Comments
  • Khali Haath Sham Aayi Hai-Cover Adina Galani Don't shoot me, :-) I love Gulzar's poetry, I really do.... And this is such an example that takes my breath away while listening after I have recorded it long ago, still having the same impact on some hidden strings I hardly was aware I had had. This is such a beautiful composition, the melody is neither too classic nor very modern, the poetry is neither too philosophical nor too contemplative but painfully revealing and deep, like a rhetorical call to a doubtful unknown God who refuses to look down at a restless soul. I saw this movie long ago, I was too small to understand it, too little to be able to believe life is different than rosy at an age when everything was possible except for what happened in that movie. Now I understand why it attracted so much of a negative feedback from critics, after all, there are certain realities of life people don't accept easily. I am grateful, once more, to Naqvi Sir for this beautiful, deep mix, which has brought front the expressions I have put inn while recording. This too is a jeweler work Sir, thank You. Original Singer: Asha Bhosle Movie: Ijaazat 1987 Lyrics: Gulzar Md. RD.Burman
    Adina.Galani 00:04:15 403 1 Downloads 31 Comments
  • Girlfriend Medley Ft. Venkat | Professional Music Video
    Girlfriend Medley Ft. Venkat | Professional Music Video Pls dn miss the video friends :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWlGP4DtykA&index=1&list=PLvCYzre1zr5BS5VaJl-tEQxrzjqSMVj0M Girlfriend Medley Karthik Ft. Venkat ! Please watch , share and support our effort friends. Mix of beautiful songs of playback singer Karthik, composed by Harris and ARR ! Thanks Team Credits: Singer: Venkat Programmed & Arranged By: Tajmeel Sheriff Producers: Venkat & Deepika Badrinarayana Director: Siva Cinematography: Balaji Additional Cinematography: Magesh Thirunavukarasu Aesthetics: Vignash Dheenadayalan Editor: K.J.Venkat Ramanan Assitant Editors: Malarvannan & PK Light Officers: Senthil Mix of beautiful songs of Karthik, composed by Harris and ARR ! Original Credits: Singers: Karthik & Krish Composers: A.R.Rahman & Harris Jeyaraj Please like the below pages & follow venkat's music on: facebook.com/voiceofvenkat youtube.com/venkatramanan0 www.voiceofvenkat.com Lyric Translation: Start section is a chorus of a song Unakkul naane from the film pachaikili muthucharam: Minnum Pani Chaaral Un Nenjil Saanthaale Kannil Unnai Vaithu pen Thaithu Kondaale Vennila Thoovi Than Kaathal Sonaale Malligai Vaasam Un Pechil Kandaale Pon Maan ivala Un Vaanavilla (2) Shining snow showers, joined your heart She kept you in her eyes and fixed it within Showering moon, expressed her love Scent of jasmine, she found in your words Is she a golden deer? Is she your rainbow? (2) Karu Karu song(film: film pachaikili muthucharam): karu karu vizhigalaal oru kan mai ennai kadathudhae thadhumbida thadhumbida siru amudham ennai kudikkudhae iravinil urangaiyil en thookkam ennai ezhuppudhae ezhundhida ninaikkiyil oru minnal vandhu saaikka nee..oru malli charamae nee..ilai sindhum maramae en..pudhu velli kudamae unnai thaedum kangal With dark eyes an eye shadow kidnaps me Overflowing little tasty drink, drinks me When I sleep at night my sleep awakens me When i try to wake up a lightning strikes You..Are you a bunch of jasmine flowers My..New Silver Pot My eyes are searching for you yaei..nee thanga chilaiyaa Hey..are you a golden statue? ven..nurai pongum malaya White…Are you a Foam overflowing mountain? man..madhan pinup valaiyaa Sand/Earth..Does it weave net unnai thaedum kangal My eyes are searching for you pudhu pudhu varigalaal en kavidhai thaalum niraiyudhae With new new lines my poem fills the paper kanavugal kanavugal vandhu kangal thaandi vazhiyudhae Dreams dreams come and overflows over the eyes marandhida marandhida en manamum konjam muyaludhae To forget to forget my heart tries its best marupadi marupadi un mugamae ennai soozha But again and again ur face covers me thaamarai ilai neer nee dhaanaa Are you the water around lotuses thani oru andril nee dhaanaa puyal tharum thendral nee dhaanaa Are you a breeze that comes out of storm pudhaiyal nee dhaanaa Are you a treasure Mazhai Vare Pogudhe song (film yennai arinthaal): Only first stanza I have sung as a part of this medley here is the lyric translation as I could not copy from this link :) http://www.lyricaldelights.com/2015/08/12/yennai-arindhaal-mazhai-vara-poagudhae/ Girlfriend (Film Boys): Friends`oda Kavidhaigal Vaangi Ennoada Kavidhai`nu Solli Idhayathil Idamondru Pidikkathaan Oadaadha Cinema`kku Oadi Sariyaana Corner Seat Thaedi Buble Gum`ai Idhazh Maatri Kollathaan Cell Phone Bill Yaera Joke-aal Dhinam Kadikka sms Anuppa Thaevai Girlfriend Dhaan Borrowing friends poems Bluffing it is mine, just to catch a place in ur heart Going to a flop movie, finding a corner seat is to exchange the bubble gums Cell phone bill rises, share jokes everyday, share sms need a girlfriend Kaalaara Nadai Poada enakkoru Girlfriend Vaenum Kaalam Theriyaamal Kadalai Naan Poada enakkoru Girlfriend Vaenum Nilavin Nagalaai Araikkul Mazhaiyaay elumichai Manamaai Irukkanumae̷! Innoru Nizhalaay Iraval Uyiraay Irubadhu Virally Irukkanumae To have a walk daily, need a gf To speak without knowing that time passes, need a gf Like a copy of the moon, like a rain in the room, like the smell of a lemon t should be Like another shadow, Like a borrowed life Like 20 fingers it should be!
    venkatlisten 00:04:55 765 0 Downloads 31 Comments
  • Aadamee musaafir hai,
    Aadamee musaafir hai, aadamee musaafir hai, aataa hai, jaataa hai aate jaate rasten men yaaden chhod jaataa hai jhonkaa hawaa kaa, paanee kaa relaa mele men rah jaae jo akelaa fir wo akelaa hee rah jaataa hai kab chhodataa hai ye rog jee ko dil bhool jaataa hai jab kiseeko wo bhoolakar bhee yaad aataa hai kyaa saath laae, kyaa tod aae rasten men ham kyaa kyaa chhoड़ aae mnज़il pe jaa ke yaad aataa hai jab dolatee hai jeewan kee naiyyaa koi to ban jaataa hai khiwayyaa koi kinaare pe hee doob jaataa hai
    anand_sawk... 00:07:17 871 2 Downloads 26 Comments
  • Aap ki nazron ne samjha-cover-by kala vijay
    Aap ki nazron ne samjha-cover-by kala vijay Dear friends,this song needs no introduction to any music lovers.it is the top most favourite of mine too.i tried my best.hope my ever supportive friends will like it in my voice.when i recorded and send to Naqvi saab for mixing he noticed the track was very slow than the original.so he adjusted the tempo and sung with it.so it was easier for me understand as he knows my limitations doing such things.thank you so much Naqvi saab for always being so kind and helpful.thank you for your beautiful mixing too. Movie-Anpadh lyric-Raja mehdi ali khan Music-Madan Mohan original-Lataji thank you all for listening and your feed backs are highly appreciated.
    kalavijay 00:03:52 366 0 Downloads 37 Comments
    KYA SE KYA HOGAYA BEWAFA Beautiful old Hindi film song originally sung by Mohd. Rafi Sahab for the film GUIDE
    dsmaniam 00:02:37 303 0 Downloads 18 Comments
  • Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon (Video Cover) | By Venkat
    Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon (Video Cover) | By Venkat Latest beautiful composition "Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon" sung by me and Arranged by Soorya! Pls do listen, watch and share friends. Thanks Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RCxkBcVDUY&list=PLvCYzre1zr5BS5VaJl-tEQxrzjqSMVj0M&index=1 Please use Earfones & Watch on HD! Credits: Singer: Venkat Music Producer: Soorya Cinematography: Venkat & Muthu Kumar Video Editing: Venkat Original Singer: Armaan Malik Composer: Amaal Mallik Lyricist: Rashmi Virag Film: Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon
    venkatlisten 00:04:22 658 4 Downloads 31 Comments
  • Lag Jaa Gale - cover Adina Galani Perhaps one of the most sung song of all times. On one hand for its beauty and meaningful lyrics on the other for its complexity and depth. I love the tune and its challenging twists, I love the lyrics and I like the way it turns into a "live the moment" philosophy which is really unbittable and literally turned me into tears end of the recording which my dear Satheesh friend did not feel like cutting when mixing it so beautifully. Thank You. Pasting a translation I found on the web below: lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho Hug me because this beautiful night may or may not come again in our lifetime shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho May be in this life time we may or may not meet each other again ham ko mili hain aaj, ye ghadiyaan nasib se because of destiny today we got these moments ham ko mili hain aaj, ye ghadiyaan nasib se because of destiny today we got these moments ji bhar ke dekh lijiye ham ko qarib se see me closely until you are fully satisfied phir aap ke nasib men ye baat ho na ho who knows in your destiny these moments may or may not come again who knows in future you may or may not get this chance shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho May be in this life time we may or may not meet each other again paas aaiye ki ham nahin aaenge baar-baar come close to me as I will not come again and again paas aaiye ki ham nahin aaenge baar-baar come close to me as I will not come again and again baahen gale men daal ke ham ro le zaar-zaar Put your arms around me let us cry together , cry our hearts out aankhon se phir ye pyaar ki barasaat ho na ho tears of love , tears of love rain may or may not come again shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho May be in this life time we may or may not meet each other again lag ja gale ki phir ye hassin raat ho na ho hug me because this beautiful night may or may not come again in our lifetime shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho. May be in this life time we may or may not meet each other again. Movie: Woh Kaun Thi, 1964, MD. Madan Mohan Lyrics: Raja Mehdi Ali Khan Original Singer: Lata Mangeshkar Mixing: Satheesh Kumar Nair.
    Adina.Galani 00:03:41 574 4 Downloads 32 Comments
  • Aashma Cha Hua Surya  - B'day Tribute To Debabrata Biswas
    Aashma Cha Hua Surya - B'day Tribute To Debabrata Biswas 22.8.2015 (104 Birthday of Rabindra Sangeet Maestro Debabrata Biswas). Till date the best selling and the most loved & sought after Rabindra Sangeet singer is singer Debabrata Biswas (born on 22.8.1911). Debabrata Biswas was a tragic hero amongst the Rabindra Sangeet performers. The RS establishment (organised by Rabindra Bharti) never endorsed his style. But he was/is hero in people's mind. He was very reluctant to accept any recognition out of self-esteem, though he was a very simple person in day-to-day life and spent his life in a single room flat where he taught RS to many future RS star singers. Only Hemant Kumar was able to make him agree to take one felicitation only a few months before his death in 1980. Original Debabrata singing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbxqMMPMZu8 Hindi lyrics: ashman cha hua surya sitara -------Sky is filled up with Sun & Stars biswa bhara pran -------World is full of life iss ananta rahasya jaal mein -------In this endless mystery of creation mujhe milatha milatha mera sthan -------I got my little exitance / place bismay bodh jagta -------Feel of wonder arises in mind jagta mera gaan -------My song arises asman cha hua Asim kaal samay bahte rahe -------Eternal time is passing by jowar bhata mein dolte rahe (dha-ni-sa-ni-dha-ni-dha-pa) -------and swings like wakes & wane nadi ke bich (mein) khun ki dhara mahsuj kiya taan -------Pulse of my blood flow feels its rhythm bishmay bodh jagta -------Feel of wonder arises jagta mera gaan -------My song arises asman cha hua ghas ka upar pyaer dala tha -------I put my feet on grass ban ki raho mein chalte -------while walking in forest path phulon ki gandha mohit kiya -------I was startled by the fragrance of flower dil utha machalke -------My heart rejoices charo aur ananda ki dan -------All around there is gift of joy bishmay bodh jagta jagta mera gaan kaan se sun liya -------I have heard ankho se dekh liya -------I have seen dhara ka dil mein -------In the heart of the creation jaan dal diya -------I have injected life gyata ki bich mein agyata ki kiya anweshan -------Indide known I searched for the unknown bishmay bodh jagta -------Feel of wonder arises jagta mera gaan -------My song arises asman cha hua
    sangeetkis... 00:03:28 768 0 Downloads 25 Comments
  • Mora Gora Ang Laile - Bandini - Saroj (Cover)
    Mora Gora Ang Laile - Bandini - Saroj (Cover) Movie : Bandini Singer : Latha Mangeshkar Cover : Saroj Music : S D Burman Lyricist : Gulzar
    Lotus 00:03:17 677 1 Downloads 27 Comments
  • Mele Poomala Mix
    Mele Poomala Mix It is a great pleasure for me to post my next song here.. It is a malayalam duet.. and Muzaffar has sung this with me.. It is a tongue twister and a fast song.. I wondered if Muzaffar will be able to manage this.. even told him to drop the idea but he was determined that he will sing it.. it was like a challenge for him.. specially not knowing the language and what he is singing.. I was shocked when he sent me the completed file today.. Yes there are few diction problems but that is understood.. and if you ignore that he has sung it wonderfully.. Thank you soooo much Muzaffar.. you are really amazing.. Friends I am sure you all will enjoy this song.. Film: Madanolsavam Singer: Yesudas, Sabitha Chowdhury Music Director: Salil Chowdhury Lyrics: O N V Kurup Cover: Muzaffar and Saroj
    Lotus 00:03:59 720 0 Downloads 43 Comments
  • Tum Mujhsr Door Chale Jaana Na-cover Film: Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 1970 Original singer – Lata Mangeshkar Lyrics: Anand Bakshi MD: S.D. Burman. This is a very nice song though in the movie and the given context it did not make much sense to me. I was actually disappointed while at the movie with a friend because I had imagined a totally different context previously for the same. So once again I learned my lesson not to appreciate songs based on movies but rather other way around. Many thanks to Naqvi Sir for this beautiful mix. I am attempting this song second time after many years and it makes a huge difference now when I can understand its lyrics. The track is a meragana one and I am glad is available. It is really good and I am not the type who would exclusively sing on pro tracks because I am singing for singing’s sake only not for karaoke. Was inactive for a while on one hand for being busy on the other hand for enjoying high heat summer here. :-)
    Adina.Galani 00:05:03 576 0 Downloads 32 Comments
  • Chhupa Kar Meri Aankhon Ko...( Cover )
    Chhupa Kar Meri Aankhon Ko...( Cover ) Hi friends..Very happy today to present one more beautiful classic duet song with respected Muzaffar Naqvi Sahab..I'm highly honored and humbled for graciously providing his priceless support in this cover on my humble request..I'm sincerely thankful to him for this beautiful and bright mix and singing it amazingly well despite not being familiar with this song Please listen to our efforts when time permits and post your valuable remarks --- Original Credits, Movie : Bhabhi ( 1957) Music : Chitragupt Lyrics : Rajendra Krishan Artists : Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar
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  • Dil Jalta Hai - Mukesh's first & last song...Cover by Harish
    Dil Jalta Hai - Mukesh's first & last song...Cover by Harish Movie- Pehli Nazar (1945) Lyrics: Aah Sitapuri Music: Anil Biswas Original Singer: Mukesh Cover: Harish Thanks to Muzaffar bhai for playing harmonium on the track, doing editing & mixing..... This is Mukesh ji’s first song as a playback singer and this became last song of his life, he had performed in his concert in Philadelphia, USA…..the very next morning he had heart attack. How this song came into existence is an interesting tale which was recounted by Film Historian Mr Nalin Shah…..Mukesh was already on the music scene since 1941, with ‘Nirdosh’ as his debut film as a singer. By 1945, he was still struggling, not having made an impression with the producers, music directors, or the public. Despite the fact that his cousin brothers, Motilal and Moti Sagar tried their best to prop up his career, by 1944, Mukesh was toying with the idea to return to Delhi. During this time, ‘Pehli Nazar’ came to the floors. Motilal, the hero in this film, insisted to the producer director Mazhar Khan to have Mukesh sing for him. At first Mazhar Khan refused. When Motilal insisted and threatened not to proceed with the film, Mazhar Khan put the the decision on Anil Da, the music director. Anil Biswas also refused to take in an (as yet) unsuccessful Mukesh as the singing voice in the film. Motilal and Moti Sagar used the same technique that Motilal will abandon the film. And so both Anil Biswas and Mazhar Khan were brow beaten to accept Mukesh as the playback singer. Mukesh was very low on morale and confidence, and was actually afraid to even rehearse with Anil Biswas, who was a very renowned music director at that time. On the day of recording Mukesh suddenly lost his nerve completely. At the recording studios in Malad area, Anil Biswas and the complete orchestra is prepared and waiting for this novice singer, who is late and is nowhere to be found. True to his devotion to Saigal Saab, Mukesh got the idea of putting down one or two drinks, before going to recording, to build his self-confidence. He believed if Saigal Saab could drink and sing, then so could he. So instead of going to Malad, he headed to Juhu Chowpatty, and made way to the Venus bar, and started to drink. But of course he did not stop at two drinks but continued to drink. At the studio, Anil Da was losing his patience. Moti Sagar was around, but was afraid to say what he knew about Mukesh’s whereabouts. After some time, Anil Da lost his cool and took Moti Sagar to task, asking him where was Mukesh. Sheepishly, Moti Sagar told where the young singer was and what was he doing. In a fit of continued anger, Anil Da immediately called a taxi and drove to Venus bar. The bar was on the first floor of the hotel. He stormed up the stairs. When Mukesh saw him coming, he was terrified. He tried to get up from the chair, but was completely out of balance. Anil Da caught him by his collar, and literally dragged him down the stairs to the waiting taxi. Mukesh was drunk and incoherent with his apologies, and Anil Da was fuming. When they reached the studio, Anil Da, still holding Mukesh by his collar, dragged him to the bathroom, opened the tap full and shoved Mukesh’s head under the stream of water – and held him there for many minutes till Mukesh became more coherent. Then he let go of Mukesh, and ordered him to report for recording in five minutes. The fear and the cold water made Mukesh sober up very quickly. And the result of that day’s recording is this iconic song. What a way to create a timeless hit song! I hope you will like this gem in my voice.
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  • Unna nenachen paattu padichen..SAD MELODY!!!!!
    Unna nenachen paattu padichen..SAD MELODY!!!!! Unna nenachen paattu padichen..SAD MELODY!!!!! Thinking of you I have sung this song..meaning of this song.. Taking short break of duet series… A sad melody from movie kamalhasan’s Aboorva Sagodharargal (translation: Rare Brothers) which is Appuraja in hindi! The story revolves round Appu (Kamal Hassan), a dwarf grows up in the circus with his mother.A ppu falls in love with the daughter (Rupini) of the circus owner mistakenly thinking that she was asking him to elope with her and getting registered marriage. Appu prepares himself with marriage dress to go to registered office, But he alas found he is called to registered office only to make witness signature ! the real lover of Rupini comes and gets married …leaving Shorty Appu in disappointed and deserted ..heartbroken ..he sings this song…………… Reminds mera naaam joker "Jane Kahan Gaye Woh Din" Set in folk song music..IR classic the lyrics have deep meaning which listener will tear for a while….. I have given translation for my Hindi friend to follow… Sometimes we have to also pour out our feeling ..like this.. Movie : Aboorva Sagodharargal Music : Ilaiyaraja Singer(s) : S P Balasubramaniam Lyricist : Vaali Unnai ninaichen paattu padichen thangamey gyaana thangamey enna nenaichen naanum sirichaen thangamey gyaana thangamey andha vaanam azhudhaattaan indha bhoomiyey sirikkum vaanam pol silapear sondha vaazhkaiyyum irukkum unardhaen naan I thought of you, I recited a song Golden one, dear golden one, I thought of myself, I laughed too Golden one, dear golden one, Only if the sky cries Can the earth smile There are some people´s lives like the sky´s This, I realised aasai vandhu ennai aatti vaitha paavam mattravarai naan yean kuttham solla venum kottum mazhai kaalam uppu vikka ponaen kaatradikkum naeram maavu vikka ponaen thappu kanakkai pottu thavithaen thangamey gyaana thangamey patta piragey buththi thelinthen thangamey gyaana thangamey nalam purindhaai enakku nandri uraippaen unakku naan dhaan Unfortunately, hope came and shook me up Why would I blame any one else? I went to sell salt when it was raining heavily I went to sell flour when there was strong wind I suffered by miscalculation Golden one, dear golden one, After it hit me, I regained my intelligence Golden one, dear golden one! I have understood well, I will say to you Thank you kannirendil naan dhaan kaadhal ennum kottai katti vaiththu paarthaen athanaiyum ottai ullabadi yogham ullavarkku thaanum natta vidhai yaavum nalla maram aagum aadum varaikkum aadi iruppom thangamey gyaana thagamey aattam mudindhaal ottam eduppom thangamey gyaana thagamey nalam purindhaai enakky nandri uraippaen unakku naan dhaan In the two eyes, I had a fortress of love Built but it was full of holes Only for the lucky ones The seed they plant will become good/fruitful trees We will keep playing as long as possible Golden one, dear golden one, In the end of the game is the time to run Golden one, dear golden one, I have understood well, I will say to you
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  • Zindagi_Ek_Safar_Audio_Praveen
    Zindagi_Ek_Safar_Audio_Praveen This is an 4 year old recording...recently Gopu ji had covered this song with Guitar..then I read Naqvi ji's comment:) So Naqvi ji here is the song for you...I hope you will enjoy my efforts....If time permit I will surely like redo this song some time later.... Song: Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana Movie: Andaaz(1971) Music Dir: Shankar-Jaikishan Lyricist: Hasrat Jaipuri Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Cover Singer: Praveen G.Pandit
    praveeng 00:04:21 468 0 Downloads 24 Comments
  • Kitne Sapne Kitne Arman
    Kitne Sapne Kitne Arman Movie : Meray Jeevan Sathi Year : 1972 Music : R D Burman Lyricist : Majrooh Sultan Puri Original Singer : Kishore Kumar Covered by : Shaniruh
    shaniruh 00:04:43 460 0 Downloads 7 Comments
  • Dheere Se Aaja Ri- Cover Movie: Albela 1951, Music director: Shankar-Jaikishan and C Ramchandran Lyrics: Rajendra Krishan Original singer: Lata Mangeshkar in the solo version, with C Ramchandran in the sad duet version It is a beautiful composition. I have a few deeply emotional stories related to this song from the times I used to work in end of life care with small kids, who, at times, used to get quiet and calm just by hearing me humming this tune. I am very attached and still very emotional about this song I dearly love. Sung it my way, the way I felt, the way I had it inside, without having listened to the original too many times before recording. Mixing is done by Naqvi Sir, as usually with my songs. Thank You Sir. The track is little bit too rough for my taste, little too electronical sounding, but, if that’s what one gets, that’s what one has to sing on. Sorry for keeping away for a while from Yourlisten, had been incredibly busy lately. I’ll do my best to stay active.
    Adina.Galani 00:03:18 570 2 Downloads 29 Comments
  • Ye Kaisa Gham Sajna Movie: Pyasi Shaam; Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal; Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri; Original singer Lata Mangeshkar. Thank You very much Naqvi Sir for mixing this song for me. For whatever reason, this track has had only 2 stanzas and so was the original I had. At a youtube search after me recording it, I found out there are actually three but didn't get into the mood to edit the track and record the third one for the last months have been pretty stormy with me. It is a beautiful song, a little too romantic for what I thought my nature can handle. Thank You very much for Your listen and sorry for my really dry description, my inspiration is missing for the time being.
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  • Aik Din Aap Yun-Adina_DJ-WaziF
    Aik Din Aap Yun-Adina_DJ-WaziF This romantic duet is from Shahrukh and Juhi Chowla's movie Yes Boss. Originally sung by Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik. Music by Jatin Lalit and lyrics by Javed Akhtar ji. I proposed it to Adina as we both are going through similar phase and she agreed to it and here's the result. Just to keep friends warm, live and a great way to wish Happy New Year 2015. (Note: No copyright infringement intended, just for pleasure within friend's circle).
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  • Tadap Ye Din Raat Ki-cover Adina Galani Movie: Amrapali – 1966; Music: Shankar Jaikishan; Lyricist: Shailendra; Original singer: Lata Mangeshkar; I will not try to describe this song because I can not. It has such an old “palace” flavour, heavily Mogra and insence like “scented” and an intoxicating tune, I heard and I tried to hum it and again I heard and again tried to sing it and it drove me crazy to the point I grabbed the mic and proceeded. This are kind of songs I throw myself into like in to the beloved arms, no thought, no worry how it goes, if at all, no bother if the track is good or not. Tune and lyrics, art in the raw form and with me that was the beginning of a singing adventure I never thought possible. A recording in which I forgot about the world and left myself draped into the tune. It is a difficult piece, I won’t deny, I can write and write about this without being able to express its beauty fully,, I love it dearly without having a trace of idea why! Naqvi Sir has been as usually with me in this wonderful singing experience, beautifully mixing, reviewing and motivating me. Will never be able to thank You enough Sir. I’d kindly request my friends not to share this on facebook as I just shared my duet with WazifJi and I want to give that song enough time to be appreciated before I decide myself the right face book time for this one, if at all. Thank You No copy-right infringement intended, upload meant for entertainment only.
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  • Aasmaan Pe Hai Khuda....cover by Harish
    Aasmaan Pe Hai Khuda....cover by Harish Movie: Phir Subah Hogi (1958) Music : Khaiyaam Lyrics : Sahir Ludhianvi Original Singer : Mukesh My first upload of 2015 on first day of this New Year. I pray for peace and prosperity among all everywhere. May God look down and make harmony between all communities, so we, humans can live peacefully!.....Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means. I hope you will enjoy this song in my voice.
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  • Melle Thiranthathu Kathavu-Vaa Vennilaa-Thinkal Govind Kumar
    Melle Thiranthathu Kathavu-Vaa Vennilaa-Thinkal Govind Kumar Presenting my humble cover of this nostalgic SPB ji song which also happens to be my personal favourite !!!!!
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