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  • Can I Play With U (Long Version) Can I Play With U? is an unreleased song recorded on 26 December, 1985 (the same day as A Couple Of Miles, two days before Slaughterhouse, U Just Can't Stop, Run Amok, Mobile, Madrid, Breathless, High Calonic and 12 Keys) at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA, with saxophone overdubs by Eric Leeds on 27 December, 1985. The track was sent to Miles Davis (in both instrumental and vocal versions) in January, 1986, following a request from Warner Bros. for Prince to contribute to Davis' first Warner Bros. album (called The Perfect Way at the time, before being renamed Tutu). It was accompanied by a note from Prince, reading: "Miles, even though we have never met, I can tell just from listening to your music that you and I are so exactly alike that I know whatever you play would be what I'd do. So if this tape is of any use to you, please go ahead and play whatever you feel over it. Because I trust what you hear and play." Miles Davis added trumpet to the song on 1 March, 1986 at Capitol Recording Studio, Los Angeles CA, USA. Prince contributed additional material to the track to extend it in 1986, but neither Davis nor Prince were very excited by the final result, and after hearing the rest of the finished album, Prince asked that his track be removed, as it didn't fit in with the style of the rest of the album. After Davis died in 1991, Warner Bros. asked Prince to add some post-production to this track (as well as Penetration, Jail Bait and A Girl And Her Puppy) to include on his first posthumous album, Doo-Bop, but Prince was not interested in contributing to tracks that he felt didn't show Davis at his best. The longer version of the track was planned for release (credited to "Miles Davis with Prince") as the twelfth track on a 2001 box-set of Miles Davis's Warner Bros. work, entitled The Last Word, but the track was not included on the eventual 2-disc 2010 release, titled Perfect Way. Can I Play With U? remains unreleased.
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  • Voodoo Who (Villanova Junction - Jimi Hendrix Cover) Voodoo Who (also sometimes listed as simply Voodoo) is an unreleased cover version of Villanova Junction by Jimi Hendrix. Prince's version was recorded on 30 December, 1985 (the same day Eric Leeds added overdubs to A Couple Of Miles and that Most Strongest Whiskey and U Gotta Shake Something were recorded) at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA. Prince adds some lyrics from Is It A Crime by Sade, written by Sade, Stuart Matthewman and Andrew Hale (included on her 1985 album Promise). It is unknown if this track was intended for The Flesh album or any other project.
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  • Feel Good Feel Good is an unreleased song recorded in early 1995 at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA. It was included as the sixth track on a July, 1995, configuration of Emancipation, and was included as the seventh track on another 1995 configuration. The track was removed as the album underwent many changes, however. The track's slow groove is reminiscent of Johnny, and lyrics from Feel Good were occasionally sung over the beat of Johnny in 1995 live shows. The song's lyrics state "come to the show and bring your tape recorder, cause you ought to have a copy of the... yo, wait a minute, no! In 1999, I'll be free, so..."
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  • Good Man Good Man is an unreleased song recorded in early July, 1989, at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (during the same set of sessions as Whistlin' Kenny and Bed Of Roses). It was intended for use by Flash / MC Flash (both band names were used), and Billy Franze recorded lead vocal overdubs (replacing Prince's own) fairly soon after the initial recording, while Margie Cox added background vocals on 9 July, 1989, also at Paisley Park Studios. It was included as the fifth track on the Flash album as the only track on the album to feature lead vocals by someone other than Margie Cox, but the album was ultimately abandoned. The track is an upbeat stripped-down track featuring a more electronic sound than the rest of the album, with a drum machine, keyboard motifs and hard electric guitar.
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  • Glasscutter
    Glasscutter Prince - all vocals and instruments - Glasscutter (a.k.a. GlassCutter) was initially streamed in the NPG Music Club's Glam Slam VIP room on 30 October, 2004 (along with San Jose Jam) before being released as an mp3 download from the NPG Music Club on 5 April, 2005 (labeled GlassCutter on the download page's image, but Glasscutter everywhere else). While specific recording dates and studio information are not known, the track was likely recorded in September or October, 2004 (following the end of the Musicology Live 2004ever tour) at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA.
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