1st scene song (EDITED)
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Poor Woman:
Suffering, poverty
But there's hope for you and me
Life is locked but there's a key
Out there undiscovered
Out there undiscovered

Poor Men:
We're longing for and begging for
An open door
A chance to rise into the skies
To live for more
This emptiness, this hopelessness
Consumes our hearts with hunger
But Robin Hood-brave Robin Hood-may God bring help from forest yonder!
May God bring help from forest yonder!

We take from those who take so we can give to those who give
We rob the rich and help the poor yes, that is how we live
Who cares for love and selflessness? Repay each wrong with wrong

Merry Men:
We all bow down to robin hood the actual guardian of the wood
He treats each peasant as he should and thus we sing and dance-OH! (Dance)

Poor Man #1:
Mysterious, swash buckling rogue

lives in the wood identity unknown

Poor Man #2:
Who can he be?

No one knows!

Prince John:
(spoken) That dratted filthy, so elusive, sly and slinky robin hood
I hate the man with passion, deep set anger in my soul
My mission is to kill him! Yes, his murder is my goal
A wicked man who uses poverty to justify crime
He's wasted years in robbery, now it's his time to die

We search the forest for a trace of men in leafy green
Not that we hate and not from spite, it's just that this Robin hood
This robin hood, this robin hood, this robin hood,

Must DIE!

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