About Yourlisten.com

YourListen.com was conceived in 2007 and launched in August of 2008 YourListen.com is the first user generated music and audio content platform of its kind.

Our users can upload, listen, search, sell, share, download and store any audio and music files. These music and audio files include but are not limited to Music, Commercials, Podcasts, Sound Bites, Live Performances, Sound Effects, DJ Mixes, Audio Books, Audio Blogs, School Reviews and more.

Our platform offers a vibrant social community connecting people through the power of music and audio. We are everything and anything audio and music. We strive to make your listening experience on the internet simple, social and central.

Did we mention this is offered all for free! No hidden costs, no freemium services, no limits on what features can be utilized every user has access to the same exact tools and features for no additional cost. We are a true open platform.

Find out more about us below:

Uploading and Hosting - YourListen.com is a hosting service. Users are liable for all the content that they upload to YourListen.com. Registered users to YourListen.com may upload audio, music, photos, comments and other content which is stored by YourListen.com. Users can upload audio and music of 14 different file formats with no size limit, with no time caps or limits on the amount of uploads and no restrictions as to the genre of audio or music that is uploaded. YourListen is the first service of its kind to do this.

User Profiles - Each registered user can create their own customized personal profile page. Here you can manage your profile picture, bio, social media links, personal website links, and hometown information. On your profile your activities, uploads, playlist, likes and followers will be stored. Here you can also customize what other users can see on your profile.

Social - The Platform also enables users to discover and interact with one another. This is done by way of our people search feature and our people section. Here users can follow other user profiles, personally message other users, view others playlist and likes and comment on other users music and audio. People can also be discovered by way of most plays, likes, downloads and comments. On each profile page we also show people recommendation so you can discover and follow other users that you might have interest in.

Discovery - The platform also provides user with easy to use music and audio discovery tools. Our extensive library of music and audio is easily organized by our users by allowing music and audio uploads to include channels, title, tags and descriptions. This enables the audio to be easily categorized which in turn allows our user to be able to search, play and organize the music and audio files they search for with ease. We also provide similar audio and music recommendations on every single upload to enhance your music and audio discovery on our platform. Content can also be browsed my most uploads, likes, plays, downloads and comments.

Custom Flash/HTML5 Player - The YourListen.com audio player can be embedded on any website or blog. The player is customized to fit the size/layout of the area that you choose to have your music or audio embeded on. The player also has a sleek layout/design with user friendly buttons and funcitons.YourListen.com also provides numerous additional player tools that enhance your music and audio experience on and off of our platform. These features include-downloading, share tools, comment feature, like feature and a follow feature. The player also provides additional info that is beneficial to all music and audio content creators. Play count, comment count, like count, upload date, user name, audio file title, description and tags are all present. Also present is an enhanced track list feature where users can mark transition points in their music and audio with titles for each track/chapter.

Sharing Music and Audio - Content can be shared and distributed by other users of YourListen.com using the social tools and features we provide throughout the platform.

For more information, question, concerns or business inquires Contact us at: info@yourlisten.com.