E#16 The Annunaki - The Discomfort-Zone podcast
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Hi all,

In this episode I talk about Zachariah Sitchin's theories. The ancient Sumerian Panthion, the Annunaki, the Igigi, adn oldest story of creation of man, the Atrahasis.
Unfortunately, there were many technical difficulties in the live show, resulting in a very distorted voice. I've done my best to 'fix it in post', but I apologize for the low quality this week.
Will do my best to fix anything before the next episode.

The show is live every Thursday, 22:00 UTC on Discord. If you would like to listen live and interact with me through the chat, you can join the MSP-waves discord channel (http://minnowpond.org/).
Or if you prefer, you can just listen live on the MSP-waves-broadcast network (http://mspwaves.com/home/listen/),
or on vimmTV (https://www.vimm.tv/@msp-waves).
Hope you enjoy!

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