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Olota Seun (A.k.a Olo-Tee) plays the saxophone, sings and leads a eight piece band (DOTKOM) in Lagos, Nigeria consisting of Drum, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Conga, Vocals. His NURBERIAN music genre was influenced by the "Trado-urban-area and folks of the city of Lagos.<br />
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He has played in clubs with different bands exploring Bossa Nova, Swing, Calypso, Funk, Highlife, Juju, Acuba, Agidigbo, and Reggae.<br />
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He is an art devotee and a critique whose passion lies in realism not disregarding views from other schools of thought like absurdism, expressionism, experimentalism, surrealism and impressionism.<br />
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With notable notable executed projects to his credits like weekly Jazz shows, annual Comedy shows, Campaigns and Awareness programs for Non Governmental Organizations and Lagos State Government on marital issues, gender issues, Girl-Watch, breast feeding and immunization a mission on purpose is evident.<br />
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He is an active performing artiste on theater stage, screen and as a musician. He in featured in the annual World Music festivals with his band, and at concerts and private gigs.<br />
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From him he says “....I revere every opportunity to collaborate with transforming ideas and guard such podiums religiously.”<br />

Olotaseun`s Uploads

  • Awise
    Awise The Prophesy: for a new month, new year and new growth. The all mighty and all pervading rules the pitch.
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  • United People
    United People United People, one common people. Nothing can stop us until we find an answer to diseases, poverty, bad-leadership and war. We are simply saying the same thing.
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  • Petty Matter
    Petty Matter I'm too busy for petty matter but the talkative wants attention.
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  • Owerri Soup
    Owerri Soup Owerri Soup cost money to prepare. The capitalist economy has tagged all with a price.
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