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www.world repentance and restoration.org<br />
Prophet Victor Msere Akidiva<br />
Born in Kenya in Banja location,Vihiga Disrict of the Western Province on 15 August1986, among six sisters (Gloria{ who is a graduate from the Egerton University Nakuru Kenya holding a degree in Biochemistry}, Mercy&amp;Hadrine( both teachers by profession),Pauline, Terry and Joy, my parents Japheth and Gladys are both teachers by profession, I was brought up in a humble religious background under the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Kenya at my early childhood.<br />
I began my early education at primary level in the year 1992 ending in 2000 at Lugulu primary school, I took secondary Education at Kivaywa Boys High School in 2000 – 2004,I attended my college education specializing in business management at the Kenya Institute of Management in 2006 – 2007, Later on taking on information technology at St Johns Riruta Computer College Nairobi in 2007 – 2008,I have attained online spiritual and religious studies from the International Bible Teaching ministries and Gospel outreach ministries in the USA .Phone +255 762179401, +255 787 140109, +255 713435074, Email: victormsere@yahoo.com, mserevictor@gmail.com, Facebook Email: ,info@worldrepentanceandrestoration.org,akidivamsere@facebook, Twitter: MSERE VICTOR.<br />
Prophet by calling, preaching repentance and restoration.I got born again in 2002,on 22 February at a weekend challenge meeting held in Kivaywa Boys High School by the Christian union. I was a leader of Christian believers in High school as a coordinator (2002 – 2003) as the chairman in (2003 – 2004), I worked at first as a teacher, preacher and worship leader with the Kenya Assemblies of God in Lugari District, (No.1 centre) in 2005 – 2007, I spoke a prophetic message that God send me to minister in Pentecostal Assemblies of God Kenya in Mawetatu in 2008, after the post election violence that handled Kenya.<br />
I received my call while Still in High School and College,Several times the lord appeared to me in dreams and showed me preaching sometimes in my own Country then in other Nations,the most stunning critical point is where the Lord stopped me from taking on my planned studies on Medicine,instead he told me that I would not be physical doctor but a spiritual doctor[concerned with the harvest of the souls to God],He then told me not to do any work of this world,by voice from heaven He said “I will give you the greatest work ever in this world” then I asked the lord what the work was “he downloaded it to me that I should go tell his people to turn back to him.But on 22 june,2009 the God of Isaac, Jacob and Abraham called me by vision and voice plus his word to take his divine message (prophetic in deed) to the church and the nation of Tanzania, He commanded me to call this church and nation back to Him by voice He said “you shall bring back Tanzania back to me”, Amen: for more than three years I have been navigating through this nation (including all its provinces preaching and prophesying about Gods kingdom in churches under the custodian of Sinai Pentecostal Ministry led by ArchBishop Nayman Shemuhilu in Arusha . The lord of heaven and earth has called me eternally as his prophet to bring the message of repentance and restoration to the nations and prophesy things worthy of his holiness and kingdom.<br />
Co. workers in the lords ministry<br />
Im the leader as a prophet of God, owner and vision bearer of the lords ministry.As an inter denominational world ministry I also work with, my beloved pastor who is my mentor Pastor Athman Mwadime a guiding and counseling leader from Sirari Tanzania, pastor Fotunatus Magembe a leader in the wailing mothers team and pastor in the ministry from Mwanza, sister Linet Mokami as an elder from Sirari.<br />
Another close pastor in Ministry is pastor Nodphrey Sanga of EAGT Njombe Tanzania. I work in conjunction with all partners in Kenya and Tanzania .I work with servants and people from all denominations.There are much prayer warriors that God has raised up for me in Tanzania from all denominations.<br />
Other spiritual blessings in the lords ministry.<br />
God has given me the ability and spiritual wisdom and knowledge in spiritual mentor ship and guiding and counseling, he also has blessed me to author Christian books .inclusive are (1) overcoming sexual sin and immorality (2) overcoming Jezebel (3) True worship (4) Secrets of deliverance (5) Salvation (6) The love of money (7) Hindrances in youth ministry.Still on mission of authoring books both in Swahili and English.<br />
My Mission.<br />
 To bring the prophetic message of repentance and restoration to the church of the earth[the four corners of the world].<br />
 To bring back the worlds church back to the ways of God that is holy.<br />
 To utter what God says to the church and nations of the earth.<br />
(6) Strategy of the lords ministry<br />
 Preaching in crusades and repentance meetings, (conducting Seminars both in personal ministries and churches. Interdenominational crusades and Seminaries and pastor or servants conferences, youth Seminaries; praise &amp; worship leader’s, women’s ministry, intercessors prayer warriors, waling mothers conferences.<br />
 God has sent me to deal with these priesthood ministry's including (1) Apostles, prophets,Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors (2) Youth, (3) Praise and worship (4) Nations and Leaders (5) The whole church to accomplish the work of ministry. <br />
 I believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth as Lord and savior of the world : John 3:16.<br />
 I believe in the total remission of sins and the resurrection of the dead at the rupture and the second coming of the lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth,the last judgement, and the coming kingdom of God in heaven , Mathew 3:1 – 3 Daniel 12:1-3, Rev 20 :11-15,Revelation 19:9<br />
 I believe in the baptism of water by total immersion in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit,Mathew 28:19-20<br />
 I totally believe the baptism of Holy Spirit and fire by Jesus Christ with equal manifestation of gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit. Mathew 3:1 – 17 ( I Corinthians 12:1 – 37. And Galatians 5:22 – 23) <br />
 I believe the bible is the only truth of the only true God (Holy and worthy to be worshiped. (JEHOVAH YAHWEH) I kings 18:36 – 37).<br />
 I believe that the church must work under the five-fold ministry for the accomplishing of the work of the ministry. Ephesians 4:11-17<br />

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