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~~ABOUT ME....hmmm...a rebel with a cause,,,maybe.. on the outside lookin in.. hehehe.. perhaps..
I am..because HE is..
I am here to do what He sent back from death to do.. any obstacles burn up, that He get all HE sent me to do,be, have. I am a young at heart.. healer ..i love people.. but, I cannot be contained.. by the boxes of man.. ever since i came here, i saw thru circles and systems.. cause its time for the New.. i understand the New breed.. i am not your average minister.. I am as enoch ..who was hidden.. im free..but not all things benefit, nor do i want..tho i can walk with angels and hear my Father at the self same time of doing whatever the hell i want.. but i love HIM..so.. so much that i do crave to do His will..and bring some to their next..help lose them from ties un needed or overdue a cut.. WHAT I WALK THRU is for my people... i may attract those who are sad..for I am JOY..in HIM.. i love His people and even whatever season they may be in, i can come to walk with.. if i appear, its for a reason..to bring one in or out... and to share Him or some healing to bring to minds.. i am a heart reader..sometimes..if HE permits.. i can appreciate the old order..but i am not of such..neither can they contain me..i walk here..but i love the supernatural.. but i am practical .. the super natural is practical.. God is practical hahahaahahahahahahah he cares he cares he cares he cares for your issues and every area of our lives.. i love jesus.. and so.... i can love you..tho not all can run wit me.. often females manifest..as they must.. but i love them.. and float on.. i love wisdom... i love.... im passionate.. im not as many here..yet i can relate.. it is the time of the kingdom.. i am trying to enter into more REST in my Lord, but not to say that I have no work... i am like win e..thats set aside to be concentrated..thats why my Lord hides me..then brings me out.. even some dark ones want to attatch on my life.. but i only continue with any , if He says..many become a drain.. so He calls away..and man knows not their own heart..secret agendas..they often dont know.. but i will know.cause hes good..

hes good.. stay blessed.. and that doesnt always mean its rosey..you may be needing to walk thru valleys with shadows, for the people, first.. even shepards walk in rocky narrow pathways BEFORE THE SHEEP.... what if we walk thru whirlwinds ..just to get their answers... oh selah... how HE loves us..that He would send us thru to get the goodies for those comin up behind you.. holy holy... God help us..hold our arms up... make your ministers.. to be your mirror image in the earth.. that we be the little lords and christs you refer to in THE KINGDOMS OF THIS WORLD BECOME THE KINGDOMS OF OUR LORD AND OF HIS christS

let us be those who you would use.. in jesus name..

anna clark

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