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  • Sean Croxton http://LegendaryStrength.com - In this Legendary Strength Podcast episode, I am honored to have Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness with me. Among other things, we talked about: - JEFR - Weston A. price and things we can learn from him - How to determine which food is good for YOUR body and which isn't - How to use testing to find out which problems you might have - Ways to listen to your body - Benefits of intermittant fasting - Food allergies - Gut care - And much, much more!
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  • Frankie Faires On Biofeedback
    Frankie Faires On Biofeedback As you probably know, I interviewed Adam Glass last week. Now we have a chance to hear wise words of Frankie Faires, Adam's partner, on biofeedback training, the way this system was developed and: - How to find answers through range of motion test - The proper usage of corrective exercises - Details on biofeedback training and why it works - What is needed in order to put an end to pain for good - Personalizing training - Ways to test food and supplements - Much, much more!
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  • Elliott Hulse interview
    Elliott Hulse interview http://LegendaryStrength.com - Elliot Hulse is one of my favorite strength teachers because he focuses on much more than just pure strength. In this podcast, I had a pleasure of interviewing Elliot and some of the points covered in this episode include: - Four Levels of Strength, according to Elliot - Your kind of Character - How does failure seeking lead to the best thing in your life - What's the best character trait most people lack and how it can effect your life in the most positive way - Mental and Energy aspect of Elliot's training - Effect of bodybuilding on Elliot's growth - And much, much more!
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