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  • Legend of the Floating Island This is the Native American legend of the floating island.
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  • Native American Coyote Legend This is a Native American legend called "Boo! Coyote."
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  • Cradleboard Cradleboards are what Native Americans carried their babies in. They were wooden, and the baby laid on it. There was a cover at the top of the baby's head.
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  • Medicine Men Medicine men were also very important members of the tribe. They healed Native Americans in their tribe by using plants and magic spells. People believed they had special powers to cure illnesses. They were also in charge of leading religious ceremonies.
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  • Chief The chief was the Native American in charge of the tribe. He was a very important person and chosen to be chief because of his bravery.
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  • Powwows Powwows were tribe meetings that took place every summer. There was dancing, religious ceremonies, and athletic competitions.
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  • Longhouse Longhouses were homes that the Iroquois tribe lived in. A longhouse was made out of tree bark, just like wigwams. They were much bigger than wigwams though. Longhouses could be 200 feet long! There were 2 levels in longhouses. Families lived downstairs and kept their belongings upstairs. Families lived together in longhouses. Not just mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers, but cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all lived together in a longhouse. 60 people could live in 1 longhouse.
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  • Wigwams Wigwams were the homes that Eastern Woodlands Native Americans lived in. They were made out of tree bark and looked like domes. Wigwams were small and only 1 room. There was space for a fire in the middle of the wigwam with a hole cut out of the top to let the smoke escape.
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  • Eastern Woodlands Eastern Woodlands are a group of Native Americans that lived in our region. There are different tribes of Eastern Woodlands Native Americans, such as Iroquois, Pequot, and Algonquin tribes. We will be learning about these Eastern Woodlands Native Americans.
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  • Tribes Tribes are groups of Native Americans that live in the same area. They speak the same language, live in the same type of home, and have the same beliefs. There are many different Native American tribes, and we will explore just a few.
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