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I can't swap out or delete some photos idk why but I would like to. Website links to the left. Some uploads are private but a lot of public audio isn't showing up in my profile for some reason. I put some of the censored (?) audio in the playlist. I realize a lot of this seems paranoid but all I can say is "Martha Mitchell Effect" (google it up) Some things I do have direct evidence of and some things I don't, some things I know for sure and some things I can only speculate on. People say I don't trust anyone but it seems to me that my problems stem from being stupidly trusting and having my trust betrayed repeatedly which ultimately is my own fault and responsibility. The pics of the beaded tealight holders were some of what was stolen back in 2012. They were inspired by Huichol bead art and take an entire 40 hours to complete.

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  • bad  dream or just stating the obvious?
    bad dream or just stating the obvious? Again...who knows? Dreams are always a bit strange and metaphorical. I'm not sure if anyone can reliably interpret their own dreams.
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  • If marijuana was legal I probably wouldn't have had mine dosed and freaked out
    If marijuana was legal I probably wouldn't have had mine dosed and freaked out If marijuana was totally legal my weed would not have been dosed because I could have just grown my own or gone down to the local weed shop and life would be much better.
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  • Josh thinks my Etsy shop is charming
    Josh thinks my Etsy shop is charming But doesn't want to dwell too deeply on any possible positive personal qualities I may have. The fact is he has never had anything good to say about me despite his claims of eternal devotion. I had never heard of Brazil wood before but when I looked it up apparently that is also an acceptable term for it.
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  • chat about false accusations
    chat about false accusations The party line is that I'm a "trouble maker" who fights with everyone which is why I've been cast out of the family. That is bullshit. This is the last conversation I had with my aunt, September1 2013. Everything is fine as far as I can tell but after this she stopped returning my calls and I haven't spoken to her since. This reminds me too of those emails I got from UK banks when I got back saying my accounts had been frozen because of too many failed attempts. With everything that had been going on that just about gave me a heart attack because I do NOT have any overseas accounts. A friend said it was probably a phishing scam and I should not reply and hopefully that's all it was. For the record.....I had a savings account when I lived in Brooklyn (which had like no money in it) and a bank in Manhattan which is the bank I was trying to access when Josh was driving me around. At some point in upstate NY I went in and personally withdrew money then later when I returned to NYC I got a new bank card and PIN.
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  • After the Xmas meltdown and attack We discuss A attacking me and my computer. It turned out that despite ample evidence that some sort of violence had taken place and despite Ashley's well known habit of smashing things every time a plane flies too low she was neither arrested nor charged with assault. The local police have become her staunch defenders.
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  • Arranging to have my mother move back to Joes
    Arranging to have my mother move back to Joes Fortunately I had the chance to tell her about the non-local consciousness theory and the possibility of consciousness surviving physical death. She seemed happy to hear about it.
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  • Josh : Gangstalked?
    Josh : Gangstalked? Having people break into your house just to move stuff around is pretty weird. It turns out that kind of thing has a lot of precedence historically. Those sorts of tactics were used in Eastern Europe and Stalin's Russia to discredit political opposition by making them appear mentally unfit for noticing such crazy things. It happened to Paulette Cooper too after she criticized Scientology.
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  • Josh and Newark
    Josh and Newark We discuss the retarded Chavez asylum plan and why he took the trash with the scraps of paper out with him instead of leaving it for the maid. Our Spanish sucks and He told me later he hates Chavez anyway and thinks he's a clown. That surprised me as it is not the image he presents of himself. This was also the first time I ever saw him display such concern about smoking in non-smoking hotel rooms and concern for a hotel maid's work load. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qoh9glNLBAk&list=UU3_-SvcAt8iU-iMjdsxdU1g My niece and her father have become his go-to people for ass covering stories.
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  • Josh  DISavows some more
    Josh DISavows some more Josh claims to have no knowledge of how a phone tagged with his full name with a cryptic message on it wound up online and also disavows ever seeing it for himself. He claims not have bothered to check for several weeks and by then it was gone. recently Josh has admitted that he was in fact leaving cryptic messages for me on the internet that only I would understand.
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  • Handicapped = abomination?
    Handicapped = abomination? Chat about people taking things out of context and using HALF of what someone says to slander them.
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