Dreams Of Nepal Trail 1 (1st Verse)
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The land of the free, where every man is another's brother
but the branches of family trees divided by leaders and troubles
What happened to the days
when we believed we could hover,
over every moment in time we collaterally suffered
together, One love, forever
stand tall, my mother, Nepal
enriched with palaces where god's visions bestowed
The land of the free, Look to the sky and you'll see
Stars shaded by clouds of all our glorious feats.
joinin our hands as we rejoice with our feets
dancin in feasts, even if it ain't your relatives heh

but yo forget it who gives, reminiscing to 2006

in those surroundings of bricks, swingin around in the pings

most innocent kids, aroused withem tops that we spinned

mama and rumpum, habit of chau chau

eating white rabbit and choco fun playing with marbles and sticks

funny now how i find myself after these years
stealing smiles from these pics
that i picked for my own, pondering on why its taken 7 years
for me to visit my home, not in sight
My country, Disconnected delights
highest of heights
thats why i write,
with my thoughts elevated at the 8848 reverence
stack my head with these memories til i fill up four everests
Forever it's so effortless to connect with my own bretheren
of my own community, Split into a million worlds
but still known for the unity
Peace & love, pieces of strings cut from the same cloth,
uh thats why we bleed for immunity

Dreams of Nepal Dreams of Nepal
Divided I stand but together we fall
Through the voice of my land. I hear These memories call
Joining my hands having dreams of Nepal Dreams of Nepal

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