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  • Team Call with Pam Sowder
    Team Call with Pam Sowder Ambassador Diamond Krista Pettengill interviews CNO Pam Sowder!
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  • Signing DTs pt2 How do these rock stars DO it? Top DTs share their secrets on how they sign so many DTs!
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  • Signing DTs part 1
    Signing DTs part 1 Rubies Ashley Corby, Kendra Fuller, Emerald Leslie Weesner, and Double Diamond Amber Wach share their secrets on how the sign so many DTs.
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  • The Key to Success at Every Level Not making the rank average as advertised on the pay chart? Didn't make your GOOD bonus? Why is this company still worth your time? Listen to this motivating call your team leaders have put together.
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  • Motivation from Bootcamp
    Motivation from Bootcamp [Description] Come listen in on this short call with Diamond Krista Pettengill based on her notes from Bootcamp. "I will share with you my passion for this company and some GREAT info. I learned in Dallas last weekend including how to blitz! I was so excited about everything that I typed up all my thoughts on the plane ride home. Can't wait to share with you all!!!"
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