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  • TimeSplitters 2 Audio Project Josiah Kortje creates the last big audio project for his class in his freshman year of high school.<br /> <br /> It is an audio file that talks about and reviews the game TimeSplitters 2 by Free Radical Design. This project was really stressful for Josiah but he managed to finish it and is actually very pleased with the way it turned out. Josiah wishes he would've had time to work more on audio levels but still, he thinks the audio turned out great and hopes you all enjoy!
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  • Who Is Mr. Wolf? Josiah Kortje writes and produces an audio book called "Who Is Mr. Wolf?" He made this audio book for one of his classes for freshman year in high school.<br /> <br /> The story is about the bag wolf that is in three different children stories put into one story.
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  • Audio Monologue (Josiah Kortje) Here is an audio monologue Josiah Kortje made for a class in his freshman year of high school.<br /> <br /> The script in which Josiah reads for his monologue is not property of his but rather property of Monologue Archives.
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