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  • Dew B Website Kickoff Meeting Kick-off Meeting Recording
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  • Dutch Legacy of Slavery
    Dutch Legacy of Slavery Small questions during his lecture on entering are: What are the key questions that should be asked about the legacy of slavery in the Netherlands? What is the relationship between academic research and community research and insight? What benefits can be derived from international comparisons? And what morality has to do with these questions?
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  • A Response to Eurocentrism If this works and it is possible, then fast forward and listen from 57:00 (min) to 1:00 (hr) into the lecture to hear Prof Ido de Haan's speak about "modern citizenship" and to get the full context of his comments. Then fast fwd again and listen from 1:09 to 1:14 to the section of the interception by the Dean of the UU Humanities Dept, Prof de Haan's rebuttal and Flavia Dzodan's subsequent response.
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