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  • Efizzy
    Efizzy The Renegade boy is here again with what can best bedescribed as one of the most anticipated singles on Nigerian social media. ‘Efizzy’- whose initial tracks entitled Renegade Girl, Juju and Sisi komole illustrated just what a budding talent he is- has not rested on his laurels, but has gone on to release a sequel entitled Going High. The anticipation and hype surrounding this single on Nigerian Radio stations, Twitter, BBM, and Facebook is well and truly over as you can now download this track right here on yourlisten.com So without further ado; kindly download and listen to this song on the subsequent link- and you can thank us later. And oh, just a month ago, this dude was crowned Unsung Hype Artist of the month of march 2013. DOWNLOAD ‘GOING HIGH’ by Renegade
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  • t.I.p
    t.I.p A music from a Grammy-winning and multiplatinum-selling rapper TI
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  • rengade girl
    rengade girl Afro-Hiphop
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  • birdman Hiphop
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