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<a href=""><b>sunglasses online</b></a> Guangzhou City for the first time on the annual land plan disclosed in detail, down to the ground each location and size of each area. This year, Guangzhou City area within the operational plan to launch 36 residential, including golf Fangcun original plot, wide concern such as nitrogen plots of land. In addition, the product prepared a 2.04 square kilometers of land for housing, a total of 24 sites will be based on market operation, the land reserve and so timely and appropriate introduction..

<a href=""><b></b></a> Lake a senior staff writer, said: In fact, we expect that there will be a lot of people come to visit, also prepared a large enough team to deal with the reception of the crowd that day. But the truth is, we still underestimated the situation on the day of the sales department to open the door less than two hours, 1,200 visitors took promotional brochure was leaving only less than 30 copies, Lake had emergency dispatch delivery; in the afternoon two point, the sales staff despite already saved, but more than 1,000 business cards or all finished; into the evening five o'clock, sent another 800 emergency card and left. Sales department overtime to 8:00 and a half, the visitors still flock outside consultation, in the last resort, Lake even came in order to help players Reception and registration until 22:00, the crowd gradually dispersed yet did not begin to sell the house, and why so many people will come? This problem, even Lake himself hard to explain, for Wukuaishi this region is concerned, April 10 at North City Street sales department at its peak, like a flood gate. <a href=""><b></b></a>

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