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  • Offset Monday
    Offset Monday Offset - Monday (Migos) [Migos ]
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  • NBA Youngboy Untouchable
    NBA Youngboy Untouchable Follow Me Here @richthatkid NBA Youngboy - Untouchable NBA Youngboy - Untouchable NBA Youngboy - Untouchable
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  • lil purpp  Came in freestyle
    lil purpp Came in freestyle smscker [smokepurpp prod. oscar100 ]
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  • 2 Chainz 4 AM
    2 Chainz 4 AM 2 Chainz - 4 AM (feat Travis Scott) [feat Travis Scott ]
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  • Water [hiphop |2017-06-08]
    Water [hiphop |2017-06-08] Instagram: ImRealUgly Twitter: @ImRealUgly
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  • Untouchable [hiphop |2017-06-06]
    Untouchable [hiphop |2017-06-06] "Untouchable" (Produced by D. Brooks Exclusive) Available Now - https://lnk.to/YoungBoyUntouchable Mind Of A Menace 3 Reloaded - https://lnk.to/MOAM3 Connect with YoungBoy Never Broke Again: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/nbayoungboy Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/GGYOUNGBOY Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nba_youngboy/ Soundcloud - https://www.soundcloud.com/nba-youngboy
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  • French Montana Unforgettable Feat. Swae Lee
    French Montana Unforgettable Feat. Swae Lee Club Edit of the Song Unforgettable [ NO MERCY BOOTLEG ]
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  • PUMP FAKE [hiphop |2017-06-04]
    PUMP FAKE [hiphop |2017-06-04] [VERSE I: ODDY NUFF] say bitch, who the fuck you think you talking to? fuck all yall rappers i'll slap the shit out of an actor and make him act faster in order to back up the fact that he's fake as fuck i'm flabbergasted hoe i'm back in action whoa i'm lavish holes up in my bag of slow more rolled blow whole o's oh no! smoke! lay low choke, croak, halo lazy flow and still i glo a frozen flame they say they know my name but only say it out of range [VERSE II: LIL CUT THROAT] fuck a dead body hoe you already know i be that skinny white fiend lil fucking cut throat no joke tip toe when i'm creeping in the fucking dark move slow sip moe every time i pop them bars wanna go toe to toe? i promise you won't last long bodies blow bullets flow just another sad song savage with the 'matic manic that's an addict all my habits tragic dirty dancing with the xanax
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    WITHDRAWALSWITHDRAWALS [VERSE I: PRINCE OF TIDES] blanket protection sweating heaven left me on the steps and now i can't stop stressing who is ruby da cherry? let the internet keep guessing that's always the fucking lesson the less you have, the more you getting $UICIDE G*59 i'm guessing all the blogs slept in back then they didn't want me now i'm hot hoes all on me back then straight from the swamp we climbed up out no moss on me i'm clean as fuck but keep it dirty like i'm from the dirty riding dirty in a dirty ride might stay alive until i'm 30 [VERSE II: NORTHSIDE SHAWTY] hot boy keep the block hot shot cop got popped run up with the blocka drop top house shot fuck the cops fuck you and mother fuck the population all these goof mother fuckers just some fucking imitations smoke me a mother fucking L to the head grey fucking five nine hoe you know what i rep sleep walk with the dead put a slug in your head we them south shore playas that don't fuck with pretend
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  • STYROFOAM [hiphop |2017-06-02]
    STYROFOAM [hiphop |2017-06-02] [VERSE I: LIL HALF CUT] well it's that mac daddy lac swangin' all these suckers still complaining back at it still an addict i got love for bad habits riding low sipping slow mixing codeine with that dope split it up with my kinfolk grey five nine you know the code ridin' down the 7th make a left on Crescent opposite of heaven no confessions or you end up missing lil half cut got the mac oddy got the sack yung tyler durden introverted born a burden yet they still worship [VERSE II: JAME$$PLEEN] i got 4 lines in the cup and that cup inside another cup creme soda turned into red creme soda hydrocodone liquid made the fucking doctor cough it up now i'm leaned over now my spleen's yoda green throw up ima fiend, so what? life is but a fucking dream pour up drive high when i drive by just to seem sober bitch and if i seem sober it's because my fucking spleen exploded and i keeled over wheels rolling right off of the cliff and splashed into that river stream below us
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