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  • Will bankruptcy protect me from foreclosure?
    Will bankruptcy protect me from foreclosure? By declaring bankruptcy, you will temporarily halt the foreclosure process. However, secured debts such as mortgages cannot be discharged by the courts. During the actual bankruptcy process, your lender cannot so much as attempt to collect debt; however, once your bankruptcy is complete, you will once again be responsible for your mortgage payments. For homeowners who can reasonably expect to catch up with their mortgage payments after the bankruptcy process is complete, bankruptcy might make sense. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will at least delay the foreclosure process, buying time for homeowners while potentially resulting in the discharge of many of their debts, possibly including their mortgage. Homeowners whose inability to repay their debts is strictly temporary may prefer to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, in which debts are reorganized rather than immediately discharged. It is important to keep in mind that lenders in both scenarios will regain the right to foreclose on the property once the bankruptcy has been finalized; however, many homeowners are able to work with their lenders to keep their homes. However, for homeowners who will not realistically be able to make their mortgage payments even after their debts are discharged, bankruptcy should be avoided at all costs. Once the bankruptcy process is complete, lenders immediately go back into collection mode, and foreclosure returns as a very real possibility. Many people who are attracted by the short-term benefits of bankruptcy ultimately lose their homes to foreclosure anyway. As a result, they end up with both a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on their records. If you are unable to make your mortgage payments due to a lack of funds, and you don’t expect that situation to change in the foreseeable future, bankruptcy is almost certainly not in your best interests – at least not with an eye on keeping your home. http://www.elitehomeoffer.com/blog/
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  • How will foreclosure affect my financial future? If your property goes through foreclosure, that foreclosure will remain on your credit report for seven years. Even after seven years, you may have to make a written request to the three major credit agencies to have the foreclosure removed from your record. In the past, it was difficult to nearly impossible to secure a loan or line of credit after a foreclosure, especially in the first two to three years. Having a foreclosure on your credit report was also likely to affect your ability to rent an apartment or a house moving forward. This has changed in recent years, with lenders being far more likely to extend loan and credit offers to former homeowners even in the first two years after bankruptcy. Nevertheless, those that are approved for a loan or credit card usually have to accept higher interest rates than if they did not have the foreclosure on their records. http://www.elitehomeoffer.com/blog/
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  • Our Pledge to You
    Our Pledge to You We will purchase your home or building directly from you, for CASH. While the competition may promise to “find a buyer”, WE ARE THE BUYER and will purchase your property as agreed, guaranteed! http://www.elitehomeoffer.com/about.html
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  • Welcome to Elite Home Offer
    Welcome to Elite Home Offer Hi, I am a real estate entrepreneur and the Founder of EliteHomeOffer.com. I am writing this in an effort to introduce myself and to promote a service that, I believe, to be the most value added service of its kind in the Greater Sacramento and Yuba City Areas. I hope this piece will serve as both a promotional and educational piece so that we may better expose our services to those in need, while helping those to better understand the most important element in any business, TRUST. http://www.elitehomeoffer.com/
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  • The Stress-Free Guide to Selling an Inherited Home
    The Stress-Free Guide to Selling an Inherited Home Inheriting a home from a loved one can be a wonderful gift or a challenging inconvenience, depending on your individual circumstances and what you plan to do with the home. Many times, families will move into an inherited home and sell their own properties that they’ve been living in. In other cases, those who inherit a home will hold an estate sale to sell off unneeded items and then sell the property itself. http://www.elitehomeoffer.com/services.html
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  • Tax Implications of Selling an Inherited Home
    Tax Implications of Selling an Inherited Home One of the first things you’ll need to evaluate when considering selling an inherited home is how the sale will impact you financially. In other words, you may be subject to taxes on any proceeds from the sale or from the inheritance of the property itself. While laws may differ from state to state, the following resources will help you understand the tax implications of selling an inherited property. http://www.elitehomeoffer.com/sell-home-fast.php
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  •  Pricing Your Inherited Home and Negotiating Offers
    Pricing Your Inherited Home and Negotiating Offers Pricing an inherited home to sell is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, and it hinges on many factors, such as whether there is an existing mortgage on the property that must be paid off, whether the proceeds from the sale will be used to pay off other remaining debts, and of course, the current real estate market conditions. The following tips and resources will help you – along with the help of your real estate agent – determine the best listing price for your inherited home and negotiate with buyers to get the most out of the property. http://www.elitehomeoffer.com/
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  • What to Do to Prepare for the Sale
    What to Do to Prepare for the Sale After understanding the financial implications and determining that selling the property is the right course of action, you’ll need to prepare the home for sale. That means clearing out personal belongings, de-cluttering when necessary, and de-personalizing the rooms. The following tips and resources provide helpful information for preparing an inherited home for a sale. http://www.elitehomeoffer.com/
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