Two Jenks, Oklahoma card players created a podcast talking about card games with their Alien Games community- Zane the FREE HUGS man around Jenks and Philip the creative Bead-artist. We do accept guests onto the show, we record on Thursdays!

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  • CardboardandPlasticep18
    CardboardandPlasticep18 Episode 18! Both me and Zane talk about Xbox one as well as talking about games we were playing at the current time, talking a bit
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  • Cardboardandplasticep17
    Cardboardandplasticep17 Hello people! This week nothing much happening on the card game scene, Kaijudo launch party Saturday! But aside from that, we talk about Star Trek, Fast and Furious, and the new Xbox ONE, as well as consoles and PC gaming as a hole.
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  • Cardboard and plastic ep 16
    Cardboard and plastic ep 16 Episode 16 of the podcast! where we talk about Star Trek Into Darkness, as well as talking about all card games, pokemon, vanguard, kaijudo, Hero Clix, Yugioh! as well as talking about Borderlands 2 and WOW, card game and video game!
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  • cardboardboardandplastic15
    cardboardboardandplastic15 Cardboard and Plastic Episode 15, pre-releases happening last weekend, magic the gathering and Vanguard, as well as talking about Soul HAcking, and some Heroclix!
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  • cardboardandplasticep14
    cardboardandplasticep14 Hello Peoples episode 14 of the podcast, today we talk about a new game we came across, HEROCLIX! as well as some magic and vanguard news, on a side note we plan on setting up paid events for people to attend for free, by cardboard and plastic!
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  • cardboardandplasticep13
    cardboardandplasticep13 This is sorta an unofficial episode, recorded around midnight with myself and Zane, just getting out of prom and talking about the fun stuff of life, and just giving you guys an update on the current events, and This podcast dedicated to a good friend Severo! Best upbeat card player We've ever met.
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  • cardboardandplasticep12
    cardboardandplasticep12 episode 12 of the podcast is finally up! last week had to take a break last week, now back in action, talking about a new card game created using a kickstarter! Kanzume Goddess, the game plays a lot like Accession if you ever played that game!
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  • cardboardandplasticep11
    cardboardandplasticep11 Cardboard And Plastic episode 11, talking about vanguard, magic, tabletop games, with guest star Andriana from Gamer Girl Community
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  • cardboardandplasticep10
    cardboardandplasticep10 Hello People, welcome to the 10th episode of Cardboard and plastic, where we talk about magic the gathering, regional, as well as a free funded tournament for kaijudo, as well as vanguard and yugioh!
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  • CardboardandPlasticep9
    CardboardandPlasticep9 episode 9 of cardboard and plastic, it is a bit longer than some of the previous episodes and took some time to edit, but finally it is released to all to hear! This episode we mostly talked about online content when it comes to movies, video games, music! it is a long podcast this time around, so be sure to play the audio while doing chores or playing pc game or console! Wish the best
    dragonfire1 02:59:29 519 3 Downloads 1 Comments
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