Lecture 9-Devendra Swarup CPS
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In the ninth talk in this series, Sri Devendra Swarup explored the evolution of British policy concerning India following the failure of the 1857 revolution. The revolution had a very deep impact on Indian society and British policy.

In conclusion, after 1857, the British began to argue that it was wrong to regard Hindu society as one entity as it was fragmented. They began to use theories like the Aryan race theories to give a racial complexion to the Indian diversity. The various complimentary castes and institutions of India were turned into competing rivals. They also disarmed India, about which even Mahatma Gandhi spoke strongly when he came to India in 1915. They undertook a major re-ordering of the army. The Brahmins were nearly excluded from it. They realised that the Brahmins as an agency of all-India integration and therefore they made all efforts to systematically present them as a malevolent and oppressive force of India.

When we examine the political situation in the India of today, we are struck by the extent to which we continue to embrace the thoughts, ideas, categories and institutions that the British ingrained in us through their systematic effort to conquer us culturally and civilisationally and to entrench their rule after 1857.

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