Hate the HATER
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Song by banjO'N'Organ
Intro A/D/A/E x 2
A/ Together we'll
D/ Rule the world and
A/ Makes everybodies our
E/ Slaves
A/ set apart we'il
D/ die slowly
F#m/ drowning faces in the
E/ Dirt!
A/ You'll be crying
D/ All your tears
A/ I'll be laughing out
E/ Loud!
A/ But don't worry
D/ i got a solu
F#m/ -tion to save your
-Folk chorus-
D/ That douche
D/ bag discover that he got
A/ Balls
E/ cancer and that he
D/ hate his
D/ job and that his
A/ kids hate
E/ him and
D/ that bim-
D/ bo that based
A/ her personality around her
E/ Beauty is gonna
D/ get old and
D/ ugly and everybody's gonna
A/ LET her
E/ DOWN, hate the
D/ Ha-ter
D/ hater the
A/ godDamn ha-
E/ter, hate the
D/ Ha-ter
D/ hater the
A/ motherfucking ha-
E/ ter, hate the. (repeat billions of times)


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