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Caught a glimpse of her brown stare, truly a beauty found rare.<br />
Compressed air in your atmosphere. Divine engineer.<br />
I swear I'd dry up every tear.<br />
Reappear in my dreams. Take place in my arms. <br />
Lost in the seams, intertwined palms.<br />
Interlocked clock, infinitely fond bond beyond,<br />
A fairy tale whereupon dawn youre gone.<br />
Sweet melody with a touch of a dip,<br />
Appreciate the fine contour of your hips,<br />
Doper than dopamine comin out your lips, <br />
Song emanating through my guitar scarred fingertips.<br />
Complex artistic. Literary intellect. <br />
Take a sec to analyze your silhouette.<br />
Sonata minuet, an audible statuette.<br />
Press reset on the casette, just rewind that sound.<br />
Don't wanna leave you yet. Emotion profound.<br />
A motion in bound for the wonders of our youth.<br />
Lost & confused tryna find that truth.<br />
<br />
(But only if with you, a love that I'll pursue, <br />
Journey with me through on an adventure overdue.)<br />
<br />
And take it to the top nonstop to the heavens,<br />
Take away the pain i contain when you step in,<br />
Essence, of adolescence im addressin,<br />
Secretly expressin...<br />
<br />
(What I'm feelin when I'm feelin it.<br />
Understanding what I'm dealin with.)<br />
<br />
Is it meant to be? give it to me straight no chaser.<br />
Erase her, out my life or should I chase ya?<br />
Be the queen to the king Imma ace ya.<br />
God put in more work just to make ya.<br />
So can i take ya to another place?<br />
Lookin sweet as ever couldn't help but want a taste.<br />
But in case this was temporary bliss,<br />
Keep in mind every moment that I'll miss.

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