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I am that "try-it-all" not in a sexual way but,in a brain challange-kind-of-way (this is my favorite game). I have studied in more schools and universities than I remember and I question everything as much as I believe good about everyone. Two annoying facts about me that basically are my foundation blocks of Lego.

I write Books, I have a Book website, I promote others, I hold private investigations, I have my own Scoop it page, I narrate books, I model, I am a GRAND MOTHER and above all I am a awesome teacher in life. Ooops, almost forgot... I make music and I study both religion and music at two different kind of u-versities at the moment. So, this was a little about me, please send me a note and tell me about you :-)

All this and I am still kind of mediocre in everything, no running genius so to speak!

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  • Magnus The Ugly - The Wizard Son
    Magnus The Ugly - The Wizard Son This is the english version. This book will be available on Kindle mars 15. Be sure to preorder. Story by ChristineCleopatra about Magnus, who was struck by an evil spell at birth by the cruel witch "Scream". The spell makes him hideous to watch but, his father (whom he really don't know) gave him the power to paint anything he wants in the real world. If he paints it, it will come true. So Magnus paints himself as he think he look and suddenly he becomes the most popular kid in school. Meantime evil Scream try to awaken Karon, the Snake dragon made of stars on the night sky, ruled by the gigants Argon and Casper. Her goal is to open the door between her land and the real world. If she succeed, insanity will hit all mankind as a pandomi. The only one who can stop Scream is Magnus but, first he needs to be taught how to! And he enters the Land of Tree with The old Hatman and a friend to teach in this amazing all magic castle...
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  • Hälsa och Säkerhet på Arbetsplatsen (Health & Safety)
    Hälsa och Säkerhet på Arbetsplatsen (Health & Safety) Lär dig hur du undviker hälsorisker på arbetsplatsen. Innehåller även moment med ergonomiutbildning. Hela boken kan du köpa på Google Play, under namnet Första Hjälpen ABC av ChristineCleopatra Djerf. Ett måste i mobiltelefonen när olyckan är framme.
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  • The BokPiraterna.se (The book Pirates) The English presentation of http://bokpiraterna.se (http://bokpiraten.se)
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  • Magnus Den Fule - Trollkarlens Son
    Magnus Den Fule - Trollkarlens Son Magnus lever den första tiden av sitt liv som i tron om att hans mamma är sjuk. När det sen visar sig vara ren magi så tar Magnus och hans vän Linda på sig ansvaret att rädda världen från onda makter. Passar från 11 år.
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  • Månadsläsning -Råttjägaren av IL Söderström Ek
    Månadsläsning -Råttjägaren av IL Söderström Ek Novellen kan liknas med skräcklitteratur av Roald Dahl och passar publik från +15 år. This Novel can be compared to the short thrillers of Roald Dahl and is suitable to an audience above 15 y o.
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  • Om BokPiraten Bokpiraten prsenteras. The Book Pirate (Swedish presentation)
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  • The Anunnaki Bible
    The Anunnaki Bible This is a presentation of the book, The Anunnaki Bible. You can find it on Google Play, Kindle book store and more. This is the presentation of both part 1 and 2 in my series of 10.
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  • Kilinox
    Kilinox Det här är en presentation av ljudboken Kilinox av IL Söderström This is a presentation of a Swedish Audio Book by IL Söderström
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