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  • Abri's intense prayer Abri has never prayed like this before....that morning, I was praying hard for the holy spirit to descend on her....then, in the night time, after we lay down to sleep, she prayed this on her own, with no prompting from me!
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  • Abri praying for Ruthie How do you explain human trafficking to a child? You tell them that the victims have no mommy/daddy and that they have no toys and not enough food. This is Abri praying for Ruthie, the poster child for Global Renewal's human trafficking missions ( 2/4/2011
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  • Abri-The Lord is my Shepherd Repeated once nightly, BJ cared to make Abri repeat Psalms 23 during our family prayer time. Within one month, with no attempt or direction from us, she automatically started quoting the entire chapter! Truly quite amazing...especially at a mere 2 years and 8 months of age. 2/6/2011
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