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Autonomous Studies of the Enigmatic & Paranormal (A.S.E.P.) is a non-profit organization designed to investigate and / or provide assistance to its clients in the field of paranormal research. This being and not limited to: Cryptozoology, U.F.O. / alien, and Supernatural phenomena. The purpose is to garner data from studies performed for the field itself and / or its clients as a method of either validating or debunking claims that may be interpreted as paranormal in origin. A.S.E.P. employs a scientific based approach to all cases. This entails the use of advanced technology / equipment and customized procedures based on the type of anomaly being investigated. A.S.E.P.'s goal is to furnish findings that allude to an explanation or definitive proof of the original claim(s).

In some cases it is recognized that the client requires resolution. In those cases A.S.E.P. will assist in resolving the matter as long as it falls within the scope of its studies. If the need arises to enlist specialized individuals or other organizations to achieve this, A.S.E.P. will do so in an effort to help its client. A.S.E.P. will exhaust all means of research to ensure that all the data needed to empower the investigator with knowledge is compiled.

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  • Episode #20 - Nicole Strickland
    Episode #20 - Nicole Strickland After a few month hiatus, because Nicole & Ben get hitched, we get to talk with Nicole Strickland about our field of research, her experiences and projects she's involved in.
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  • Episode #19 - Michelle Belanger
    Episode #19 - Michelle Belanger In this nearly hour and a half long show, we get an opportunity to talk to Michelle Belanger about her beginnings in this field, her energy work, her writings, and her thoughts on specific topics in the paranormal field related to Psychics. We even learn some new things regarding one of her books!
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  • Episode #18 - Kristen Luman
    Episode #18 - Kristen Luman In this episode we get to sit down and chat with Kristen Luman of Ghost Mine, Ghost Hunters and Behind the Screams. We talk about her work on the shows as well as her career in Hypnotherapy and how it plays a role in her research of the paranormal. Grab your favorite drink and sit back and listen to this great conversation!
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  • Episode #17 - Seth Michael
    Episode #17 - Seth Michael In this episode we get to sit down and chat with our friend and colleague, Seth Michael of White Light Paranormal Insight. Seth talks about his beginnings in this field as well as his experiences. This in depth and natural conversation will not only titillate your 3rd eye, but will educate you as well. Grab a drink, and drown that thirst for all things paranormal in this episode of ASEP Radio with Ben Robison & Nicole Katsanes.
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  • Episode #16 - Ghost Stories Pt2
    Episode #16 - Ghost Stories Pt2 ASEP Radio is proud to present our annual Ghost Stories edition featuring eerie stories from Jake Murray, Clarissa Vazquez, Seth Michael, Mary Bethune, Casey Goodwin, Morgan Sampson, Shawn Flye, and Jordan Parker. Grab your favorite hot drink and sit down next to the fire and feast your ears on these spooky tales!
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  • Episode #15 - Jeff Meldrum
    Episode #15 - Jeff Meldrum In this special 2 hour episode, we tap into the mind of Dr. Jeff Meldrum regarding Sasquatch research. We were especially quiet comparatively to our past shows as we were utterly fascinated by the info and stories he shared. Have a couple of your favorite drinks whilst tuning in to this amazing episode!
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  • ParaScope Uncensored - Ben Robison & Brian Frates: 6-26-15 Clarissa & Doug ask me back on Para-Scope Uncensored only a short time later to do a bit of a round table with them and Brian Frates.
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  • ParaScope Uncensored - Ben Robison: 5-01-2015 I get to talk shop with the folks over at Para-Scope Uncensored about all things paranormal back in May of this year.
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  • Paranormal Underground (cohosted) - Aaron Collins: 5-14-15 Karen Frazier asked me to step in and co-host Paranormal Underground Radio for a night while Chuck Gotski was off on an investigation. In this episode we chat with Aaron Collins out of Portland, OR about his background and work in the field of paranormal research.
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  • Common Sense Paranormal Radio - Ben Robison: 3-26-15 Rick Hale of Common Sense Paranormal radio has me on to discuss theories and practices.
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