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I create my own DJ sets. By using vinyl records I think you get a true feel to the music. "save the vinyl, keep it alive I say"
My main genre of music is Trance and Techno, I have a very strong passion for both, it's my life :-). Trance was my main genre of music as i grew up, then i discovered Techno. I'm a passionate vinyl collector of classic Trance and Techno.
I'm fixated with 90s music, It hasn't died in my world. Electronic dance music is shit these days. The majority of my mixes are from the late 90s Trance era. Some newer stuff too. I've been mixing for about 6 years now and loving it more and more.
I mix with a Behringer DDM-4000 and have a pair of the beloved Technics SL-1210 mk2, which i care for very much. Enjoy the mixes, your comments will be much appreciated and encouraging.

Andyb`s Uploads

  • Lars Klein Techno
    Lars Klein Techno Techno mix made using tracks produced by the German Techno artist Lars Klein.
    andyb 00:48:28 291 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Hardgroove Techno
    Hardgroove Techno Hardgroove techno mix, made using various tunes mostly on the Patterns label.
    andyb 01:13:21 301 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Hardgroove Techno Fer-Br
    Hardgroove Techno Fer-Br Hardgroove techno mix i made using tracks all produced or remixed by the spanish hardgroove artist Fer Br "Fernando BedriƱana" Most tracks are from the special series record label, some other labels used too such as soul access, funk me. Funky hardgroove techno.
    andyb 01:12:10 282 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Hardgroove Techno Raul Mezcolanza
    Hardgroove Techno Raul Mezcolanza Hardgroove Techno mix that i made using tracks all produced or remixed by the Spanish Hardgroove artist Raul Mezcolanza. This is a rather funky, tribal mix. Made using vinyl's on various hardgroove labels such as Patterns, Funk Me, Backspin, Kazoo, P-Series. I have plenty more hardgroove techno mixes to come ;-)
    andyb 01:17:01 327 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Signum Trance
    Signum Trance Here is a Trance mix i made using a selection of tunes produced and remixed by the Dutch artists Signum, aka Pascal Minnaard and Ronald Hagen. I chose to use these tracks by this artist because its constant uplifting Trance. In the mix there is a variety of Signums original tracks and many remixes too. Some late 90's classics here.
    andyb 01:17:47 464 8 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Hardgroove Tribal Techno
    Hardgroove Tribal Techno Here is a hardgroove techno mix that i made using tunes from the P-Series label. "Label for bootleg remixes of well-known pop and dance tracks" This is a very funky mix with some tribal vocals and groovy vibes. Majority of the tracks are produced by Raul Mezcolanza. A few from Josh Love and Fer Br. I've slowed the mix down to around 132bpm.
    andyb 01:15:46 266 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Cave Tribal Techno.  Hard Tribal Techno
    Cave Tribal Techno. Hard Tribal Techno This is a 2 hour set i made using Tribal Techno tunes from the famous tribal artist CAVE. All tracks are produced or remixed by this artist. All on vinyl, This is a non stop throbbing techno set, consisting of wild carnival bongo sounds and various tribal vocals.
    andyb 01:58:52 512 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Ergonomix Techno loops
    Ergonomix Techno loops Techno mix made using loop samples on the Ergonomix label. Tracks produced by space DJs. Ben Long, Jamie Bissmire. Great fun to have mixing loops. Lots of cuts and chops in the mix.
    andyb 02:23:50 240 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • UMEK's Classic techno
    UMEK's Classic techno Here is a mix i made using UMEKs older techno, tunes on vinyl from around 97-99. Proper sound of UMEKs earlier stuff. All tracks produced by UMEK. A couple of Jamie Bissmire tunes thrown in at the end as i was running out of vinyl's.
    andyb 01:59:08 295 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Chris Liebing Classic Techno STIGMATA
    Chris Liebing Classic Techno STIGMATA Here is a mix i made using vinyl records all produced by two artists, Chris Liebing and Andre Walter. The mix begins with some of Liebings older classic stuff then a couple of tracks by Walter. Mix ends with tracks produced by both artists under the name Stigmata. Good classic sounding Techno on vinyl :-).
    andyb 01:14:02 368 2 Downloads 0 Comments
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