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  • The Zombies Don't Care
    The Zombies Don't Care From the movie that started it all.....
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  • How Would it Feel?
    How Would it Feel? Lyrics: How would it feel to spend the night in the streets? Your children sleeping at your feet? Just down on luck, how bad could it get? No house no car, just debt. If you had to spend one day, listening to what other people say, how would it feel? What would you do if the stock market fell; a time our parents remember so well? How would it feel? Lot of homeless on their knees, some even have college degrees Trying hard just to make a stand, but their pay's in a garbage can. Now there's some people who just like to live in the streets Then there's some others who just can't make ends meet. Maybe someday, I'll see you out there too. We'll share a cigarette, and wonder what to do. How would it feel?
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  • Pierce the Veil 2
    Pierce the Veil 2 Did you hear Mrs. Speicher's cry With Operators Standing By? All who Compete must try. Oh and JD had to die. Funny stare Rocking Hair. Elliptical Fooled Fetish mind With white dove we may find Oh, less hunger, less despair Don't you know you've got to Pierce the Veil?
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  • Schadenfreude
    Schadenfreude Schadenfreude (Words and Music by Tom Gardiser) I caught you laughing, what did you see? A blown up village, fatalities? Hero rises, it’s you, you see. Back on Earth, reality. One more dies, nine estranged. Money spent, but nothing changed. Foes arrive, friends betray. A touch of death, and you say: "Glad it wasn’t me", Schadenfruede. Scavenger, of misery. It’s good for you, but not for me. Joy you get, from my pain. Makes no sense, so what’s the game? Useless and insane. Jeffery Dalmer was killed yesterday. The murderer is caught but doesn’t pay. Don’t two wrongs make a right? Just depends on who you fight. We’re all screaming with delight, Schadenfruede. Goldman got his verdict yesterday. The murderer escapes but has to pay. It wasn’t guilt or innocence, or preponderance of evidence. What pre-empted the president - Schadenfruede. Schadenfruede
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