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  • Summer of Soccer Preview
    Summer of Soccer Preview RSH is joined by good friend Craig Stout (@barleyhop) to discuss an action-packed six weeks of soccer between Copa America Centenario and Euro 2016. Why has soccer struggled to grow in the US? What can we read from the new FIFA World Rankings? How does the USMNT compare to the Chiefs? Who are some unfamiliar names for the US that might make headlines during Copa America? Who are the favorites (and sleepers) for each tournament?
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  • Amateur Hour Draft Recap 2016
    Amateur Hour Draft Recap 2016 Actual football discussions about each of the Chiefs draft picks, how they fit in Kansas City and any potential roster ramifications from their selections.
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  • AHPKC Draft 2016
    AHPKC Draft 2016 We start by evaluating the Chiefs roster entering the NFL Draft. What are the areas of need and how do they compare to the rest of the league? This gives way to discussions about specific players to keep in mind for the Chiefs and our personal favorites in the 2016 class.
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  • AHPKC Offseason 2016
    AHPKC Offseason 2016 See, what had happened was... Join AHPKC as we discuss every move of the 2016 offseason. Additions, subtractions and distractions galore.
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  • AHPKC 2016 Playoffs - Episode Three
    AHPKC 2016 Playoffs - Episode Three Chiefs. Patriots. Is this the biggest game of... our... lives? AHPKC brings you nearly two (Amateur) hours of uninterrupted preview, covering every possible angle of this Divisional Round game. Included: DISTRACTIONS, Injuries, How to beat Tom Brady, How to lose to Tom Brady, How to cover Gronk and Julian Edelman, who does Bill Belichick try to "take away" from the offense, and Dirk's brain brings you Referee and coin toss statistics.
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  • AHPKC 2016 Playoffs - Episode Two
    AHPKC 2016 Playoffs - Episode Two Nick Wright joins Amateur Hour to preview all things Chiefs/Texans. The show begins with discussing the improbability of these two teams even being in the playoffs. Nick shares his thoughts on the evolution of both Andy Reid and Alex Smith, changing his tune (like many of us) from not so long ago. He also shares his thoughts on how Houston can win, the individual greatness of JJ Watt and DeAndre Hopkins and his expectations for the Chiefs in the 2016 playoffs.
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  • AHPKC 2016 Playoffs - Episode One
    AHPKC 2016 Playoffs - Episode One On this episode, we delve into the Chiefs' tortured playoff history that's spanned 22 long years. In an effort to exorcise the demons, we embrace the past and look forward to Saturday. In the second half of the episode, we invite some of our favorite Chiefs fans to give their quick thoughts. There's also a quick cameo from KC Star Columnist Sam Mellinger and a conversation with Ryan's Dad about attending the last two Chiefs playoffs wins back in 1994. Check back later this week for an-depth preview with a very special guest from Houston.
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  • AHPKC 1_1_16
    AHPKC 1_1_16 The Chiefs look to finish the season on a 10-game win streak as the Raiders come into town with a score to settle. Amateur Hour begins with the Cleveland game and the improved offensive line play before discussing the appropriate way to bring players back from injury. In the second half of the show, they take a deep dive into Alex Smith and the offense.
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  • AHPKC 12_22_15
    AHPKC 12_22_15 Its a Festivus for the rest us as long as the Chiefs are winning. Hearty discussions about Alex Smith and the offense, Andy Reid's coaching style, when/if the Chiefs will be healthy, this ridiculous defensive stretch, Dustin Colquitt's mojo and Dirkness and RSH exchange Christmas gifts!
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  • AHPKC 12_16_15
    AHPKC 12_16_15 Is winning seven games in a row... boring? Did the Chiefs take a week off against San Diego? How beat-up is this team mentally vs physically? Odds of winning the AFC West, potential playoff opponents and how the Chiefs match up. RSH loves Jeremy Maclin, how to handle the all of the pending free agents and an existential discussion on how we perceive players.
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