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Veronica Komperda, born September 15th in Los Angeles California- makes a grand wave of an impact of today's musical movement, as well as styles of clothes and other aspects. Veronica is an independent singer/songwriter,composer and producer of her music. Musical
talents aren't the only thing Veronica has. She is talented with a lot of subjects; but she loves to dance,make music, design stuff, and as well as a bunch more. Veronica started composing and making her own music at the age of 11. Veronica is currently working on a few other projects to build her entrepreneurship.

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  • Stunts by VeronicaPinkHeart
    Stunts by VeronicaPinkHeart Inspired by dynamics color & movement- the notes to this track are mastered with a soft intro of clapping sounds and edgy techno lines conveying the ambiance of a special night involving people dancing and giving their best moves. Originally produced and recorded May 10, 2014 .
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