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  • 15 I brought back a familiar loop near the end, though overall, this is quite an original piece from the rest.
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  • 14 This one is really easy to listen to. I used a lot of effects, and various loops.
    Shadowfang 00:05:54 596 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • 13 I originally built this to work around a track that I had heard, so I could add to it. But that was before I was aware of copyright infringement, so I edited it.
    Shadowfang 00:07:32 852 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • 12 Great track, but there's a few spots where I put too much baselines in, so it becomes slightly distorted. My apologies. I rather like the overall sound of this one though.
    Shadowfang 00:04:02 690 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • 11 Just when you thought those guitar loops were gone, they came back. As with the last time I used them, I believe I could do a little work, but this one came out much better than the first attempt of track six.
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  • 10 The tenth track I made, this one could use a little rework, even though it is great.
    Shadowfang 00:06:06 576 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • 9 I like the sound to this one, and there is only one place where I would like to edit it. The chords you hear in the background with the keyboard, I actually played myself. I hooked an electronic keyboard up to the program for the first time. The effects for the most part, I believe I adjusted to where I wanted them as well.
    Shadowfang 00:04:04 572 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • 8 (Revamped) Just added some additional loops, and it made the whole thing much better.
    Shadowfang 00:04:06 556 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • 7 (Revamped) I actually didn't alter this one much at all. I rather liked the feel of the original, so I just made some small tweaks.
    Shadowfang 00:05:02 545 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • 6 (Revamped) Even I became extremely annoyed with the original... and that is sad in itself. Though, I tried to remake it non-the-less, and I feel that I may have succeeded in making it listenable.
    Shadowfang 00:12:40 502 1 Downloads 0 Comments
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