You Ask Amiss
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James 4:1-10

Most people when they ask for prayer, or in prayer for something, the majority of the time do not get it. Why not? James said here its because they ask amiss.

Amiss – kakos, depraved of information, under a demonic influence, morally corrupt.

Notice James ties “asking amiss” in with lust, and pride.

90% of the time when we ask for prayer, we dont tell the ones that are praying “the details of the situation, because we are to proud to show our errors, so we 'leave out' pertinent information/details, and we ask for a 'generalized prayer.' This is asking amiss.

If I am inviting you to my house, and I have two gates, one that goes to the neighbors, and one to mine, and you dont ask me which gate to enter, or how to enter it, what happens?

Either you enter the wrong gate, and the neighbor shoots you, or, you will be standing at that gate for a long time until someone lets you in.

We need the details if you want us to pray for you, so we are not asking amiss on your behalf.

Psalm 66:16-20

If there is iniquity (unrighteousness) in the heart, Yahweh will not hear your prayers.

Proverbs 1:20-33

Micah 3:1-7

1 Jn 3:20-22

Notice verse 20?

kataginosko – to find fault with, blame.

If your heart blames you, finds fault within you, John does not say “Elohim will still hear you.” He says “He is greater than that blame.” So if your heart is finding fault within you, blaming you, you better be going back to the commandments, and getting right with Him.

Only if you keep the Commandments, and please Him, will He answer your prayers. Those that are “breaking the commandments,” and “their prayers are answered,” had better find out “who is answering their prayers.” Because it isnt Yahweh.

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