Dunamis Exousia and Tongue
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Matthew 9:1-8

The word εξουσιαν (exousia) means = a delegated authority or jurisdiction.

To use this word in a sentence, He is saying “it is my authority or jurisdiction to do this.” Many today have misused this word (that includes us), not understanding what it means. It is a “delegation, or jurisdiction” that is given from one to another. In order to “have a jurisdiction,” it is given to you by “election.” In other words, in order to get it, you have to be “elected into the position to utilize it.”

This is an “authority of action,” it is not a “word.” It is a verb, not a noun.

Matthew 10:1

He “gave them exousia (εξουσιαν)” or a “jurisdiction over demonic spirits.” He did not “impart something He didnt already have.” There are MANY in the churches today that are trying to “give this authority” when they dont have it themselves. It isnt “theirs to give.”

Matthew 22:23-33

Dunamis (δυναμιν) means “force, the meaning, the deed, or ability.” The way this is being used within the context is, He is saying “You dont know what Elohim meant, or the meaning of Elohim.”

Elohim in the Hebrew means “a magistrate or a judge.” So He is saying, He is the Judge of the Living and not the dead.”

Matthew 24:29-31

The usage here is “by force.” So He is coming back “in force.” In all instances of this word, the KJV translators confused this with “power,” when it literally means “Force, or a Deed.”

Mt 28:16-18

All Exousia ( εξουσιαν), or “Jurisdiction” was given unto Him because He overcame death. This is what David was speaking of in Psalm 2;


Jn 1:5-13

To them that “received the Word, He gave Exousia (Jurisdiction).”

Jn 5:19-30

When you understand this, and get it within you, it will make so much more of a difference in your walk. The word “huios” is NOT a “singular.” Huios is used as a “plural.” Meaning that there are “many huios' that have the same Jurisdiction as Yahshua.”

Jn 14:12-14

He gave the Huios “greater jurisdiction” then He had. This means that when we become “Huios (perfect),” we have even a bigger jurisdiction then He does. He had a Jurisdiction over “all flesh.” If you have that big/great of a jurisdiction, then you can “bring your body under obedience, and be obedient to all things that Yahweh said to do.” Watch this;

Jurisdiction = the right, power, or authority to administer justice by hearing and determining controversies.

Jurisdiction comes from two words;

Jus – a right or law
Diction – spoken, to speak, to speak right, lawfully, or correctly.

So if you do not “correct your words, and your tongue,” He will not give you exousia (jurisdiction).

Isaiah 6:5-7

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