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I have heard many claim “I was called to minister, I was called to do such and such, etc.” Apparently people are really ignorant of scripture. No man is 'called' to minister.

The Hebrew word “called” is 'qara,' and means “invited as a guest.” The Greek word is 'kaleo,' and means the same. “Guests” are not “speakers/ministers, etc.” they are “bid/invited to attend for the purpose of hearing/being witness.”

Matt 22:1-14

Pay particular attention to the parable. The guests are not members of the “wedding,” they are not the bride, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. They are “guests, or butts in the seats, for witness.”

I hear all the time people saying, “I was called to be an evangelist, etc.” or “I heard my calling, etc.”

The qara/kaleo is not a ministry, its an 'invitation to attend the wedding.'

The Hebrew word for “chosen” is 'eklektos,' and means 'elected, preferred, selected,' from eklegomai, which means 'to make a choice, to choose out.' Man cannot “choose himself.” Yahweh is the only one that can 'choose.' The Hebrew word is 'bachar,' and means the same, with an additional definition, 'to try/test, to find acceptable.'

Numbers 16:1-34

Does anyone really know why Korah, Dathan and Abiram died? I heard someone say the other day it was because they “offered the wrong kind of fire.” It was because they were not “Chosen by Yahweh,” but were “called.”

Read verse 1-3 again. This is exactly what is being said in the churches today, “everyone is holy, even though your sins are as scarlet, you are still holy, so dont listen to the righteous.”

Notice verse 5, Yahweh will “choose” His separated.

Matt 22:14

The Greek says; “Yet many are called (invited), but few chosen.”

Deut 7:1-11

Hebrew – English: “Yahweh did not love, or choose many people; but the fewest of all people.”

Yahweh did not choose Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, etc. but chose His people (which are the fewest of all people) to keep the oath that He had sworn to the fathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Israel).

Dt 8:10-20

Why did He choose the fewest of all people? So we cannot “boast ourselves,” and claim “by our own hand we did this or that.”

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