Affliction or Torment
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Isaiah 53:1-12

Jews today believe this is referring to Israel, while Christians claim this is referring to “Jesus.”

However, according to 1 Peter 2:21, this is referring to those that follow Yahshua Messiah, and I want you to see this.

Affliction – to be chastened, chastised, corrected, beaten down (from Yahweh), to be humbled.

The Hebrew word is 'anah, and means – to heed, or pay attention to, to give an account (be held accountable), to be a witness of, to testify, or utter.

When we have been afflicted by Yahweh (see Baptism of Sea of Affliction), and are corrected, chastised, beaten down (which also means to destroy the images, imaginations), then can we testify, and be a witness.

Psalm 119:50

Isaiah 48:9-15

Affliction however, is not the same word as “torment.”

Torment – Basanizo, to torture, vex, to toil in pain, to be tossed around (as indicating from place to place, reel to and fro).

1 John 4:17-21

Torment – Kolasis, a punishment, or penal infliction.

Many today are “twisting this” to make it say that those “walking the Word are afflicting them,” but this is not so.

Luke 16:19-31

Torment – Torture.

Torture – the act of inflicting pain upon another, either mentally, or physically, to distort or pervert (language, meaning, etc.).

Tribulation – Thilipsis, to apply pressure, affliction, which comes from the same Hebrew word 'anah.

Matthew 13:10-23

Notice where Yahshua states that affliction (not torment) comes from? The Word. Yahweh is His Word. So anything that is not “of the Word” is a torment, a torture.

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